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Thread: MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic

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    Default look 45

    all in pic in 45
    buy zone will start from the number to 100 and from 100 to the number you but so it will be in this son
    sell the same you can use step mode to stop double

    1 on time 2 two time--------------double

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    Default it not doing

    i wach the
    its not buying or selling with the zone
    itry k15 d3 slow3
    buy zone80
    sell zone 20

    its buying from 80 to 0
    and selling from100 to 20
    is it becouse of the zone or the code
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    Quote Originally Posted by Onyebuchim View Post
    You're quite right about the EA without the TP, SL, TS having good results. I have started experiencing some good results but i still experience wrong entries.

    What settings do you use in the BUY & SELL Zones cos i think thats where the system would be stable and take correct orders.

    I'm trying 20/80 at the moment but the orders taken by the EA are not always within the range of the Stoch.

    Pls reply ronaldosim
    I am using the original settings of 50 for buy and sell zones; what the EA does for the first order based on stoch is
    1. when the main line is greater than the signal line
    2. when the signal line is greater than the buyzone , in this case >50

    and the reverse for sell order

    After the first order is triggered, it uses martingale and step size to recover the losses (if it is losing) and profit.

    So buy/sell zone at 50 is really taking a generic direction of the trend and not wait for oversold, overbuy conditions.

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    Default rong

    iges we have something not oky in the code
    it dont follw the order of sell buy zone

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    Default goood morning

    this work on 2 way
    1- open order it will open onlly one (sell one buy )
    it mean that onice it open buy order it will not open anuther one until it close but it can open sell order and that the orginal order

    2- double it will start double the orignal order until it close with profit
    the code is good if you know hou to use the EA

    ineed to but MM risk for it can we do that
    # can we make it opening more than 1 orignal order

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    Default EA info

    his realy good man == he help us to much
    thank you funyoo


    step:--- after how many pip you won the EA to start double it will double new order after the numberyou bur
    step:25 the firest double after 25 pip the 2 after 50...etc

    stepmode:---- how many time you wont to dubule 1 --2time double
    2--3 time double.....etc
    if you but the 0 it will be open double

    how many pip you wont to talk from (buy--sell)
    it teak the profit on the total open avrige OF (buy or sell)

    its how to double the orignal order
    if we but 30 & the orignal is .01 ===30 x.01=.3 this the firest double 2 will be 30x .3=9 ...etc
    lotsell or lotbuy:--
    the orignal ordar to start

    buy or sell zone:---
    the zone to move in
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    Default EA info


    this how it work if but

    buy zone:20
    sell: zone:80

    pic zone
    if we put pic zone 1
    zone buy:70
    zone sell:30
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    Default EA info

    order from the EA for the orignal order
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    Default EA info

    it work like pic
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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Hello 2ndTime,

    It is maybe due to your broker data.

    But it doesn't really matter as nobody will never be able to reproduce such results with this expert advisor. The EA is not viable. I've tried a lot of optimization presets in demo testing an no one has survive. At best it goes up to 30k of profit then the account blows up, too risky. I will post the detailed statements soon. But don't hesitate to try to see by yourself if you can make use of it.

    This report was an exception. To get the same returns, we should have enter at the right moment, with the best settings for this moment. It's far more difficult than to win to the lotto.

    But the martingale used by the system is impressive and maybe we could use it for another trading method less aggressive.

    Also we should take the base of the system to see what are really the results without the lot management.

    For this best sets, here is what we get without martingale :

    Total net profit : -97.29%
    MDD : 98.50%
    is this withaout doubleing

    do we have to but number for the stop loss to start the triling or we can but 000

    it s not working with eur usd i use the triling v it give erro

    @2008.11.05 19:53:36 MartingailExpert_v1.0_Stochastic SL TP TS GBPJPY,M1: invalid lots amount for OrderSend function

    @2008.11.05 19:47:41 MartingailExpert_v1.0_Stochastic SL TP TS GBPJPY,M1: invalid lots amount for OrderSend function

    2008.11.05 19:44:39 '2172870': modification of order #126021000 buy 9.00 GBPJPY at 159.88 sl: 158.88 tp: 169.88 -> sl: 159.88 tp: 169.88 failed [Trade context is busy]

    2008.11.05 19:34:06 '2172870': modification of order #126014204 sell 0.01 EURJPY at 129.53 sl: 128.92 tp: 119.53 -> sl: 128.91 tp: 119.53 failed [Trade context is busy]
    2008.11.05 20:04:10 Stochastic GBPJPY,M1: uninit reason 5
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