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Thread: MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic

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    Good morning here is a supplementary benefit has Ea to base of "Artificial Intelligence" which was to top up by un6oitil on the French forum
    MartingailExpert_v1.0_Stochastic.mq4 - Forum Forex
    We acquire result from better

    Check makes out a will has all
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    Default more info plz

    what the meaning of this in the input
    how to use them plz
    give more ifo

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    Quote Originally Posted by q8m2002 View Post
    what the meaning of this in the input
    how to use them plz
    give more ifo
    It is similar to a ea call Artificial Intelligent, we need to optimize to get the best input for x1 x2 x3 x4, the range for each variable is 0-200. For more about the optimization,you can read this site. Artificial Intellegence - MQL4 Code Base. And this guy using 3 different set input of neuron for the championship, and his expert doing well so far. Profile German - Automated Trading Championship 2008

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    Default can we

    can we do the stop loss on the stochastic number
    we dont but stop loss pip we use the stochsatic number 0---------100
    let say the stop loss for sell 30 the stop loss buy 70
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    Default step mode

    i know it now
    step mode the EA have tow
    you can use
    if you but 0 it will buy or sell
    so if he open sell order he will not open buy order untill he close the sell---------if open buy order he will not open sell order untill the buy is close

    if use 1 it can open buy and sell at the same time if it enter the buy zone

    the stepmode not for the double
    now you can conteroll the EA
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    Default help

    help with this plz

    the orignal EA with:
    ts step

    help funyoo plz
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    This is explained in the code if you want to know what is it.

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    Default did it work?

    if iuse the for
    ts step:15

    did they allow profit o stop lost 0 to start the trailing?
    if use ts step 1 is mean that when trailing start it will move the stop loss every one pip--2-3...etc it will move by the number we but

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    Default ineed?

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    This is explained in the code if you want to know what is it.

    i need the EA with all of this in the input i know what this and how to use thim
    igaes you do the EA with sl to ts need more opstion --ts step be mm

    thank you
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    The TS Step is quite useless, I will remove this option in my next expert advisors. It only adds to the market a supplementary margin before the trailing stop be used by the EA.

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