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Thread: UniversalMACrossEA

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    this is the best and good version
    thanks to chris wo and with some my little changes ,
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    this is ,i think , what would you like

    is it possible add to this ea stop trade when % of equity will be less than ex. 80% now ?
    close trade if E now < E when ea opened position
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    the same with basket loses or target equity, or margincutof
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    Default Other results with the same broker

    I got absolutely other and bad results with the same broker and with the same set. Sets parameters was copied from your statement attached above. As you can see set quantity of set parameters and name of file in my statement and statement attached here are different. It mean that version of EA used in backtesting and attached to this forum are different. Please post in forum exactly the same version of EA that was backtested with attached to forum test. Thank you.
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    Default Results of reproduced test from 2008 year

    Results from 2008 year was reproduced and I got the same outcome. But test from 2010 year (January-December ) are completely others. What does it mean ? Can somebody tell me which parameters I have to optimize, frequency of such optimization and how long EA will work correct after period of optimization (if will work ..... ). Any ideas ? Any experience ?
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    Default Only one month of profitable work after optimization....

    Previous test results there was posted in the end of December 2008. And as we can see test results have end date 29-12-2008. Probably there was made optimization of EA during January-December 2008 year and during the same time after optimization there was made backtest. Such results are zero value results because each EA will show very fine results if backtest there was made over the same optimization period. Attached backtest show that only one month after period of optimization EA works profitable. It is additional evidence that placed to forum results there was made over the same period in wchich optimization there was made. Here is the same question: "Which parameters we must optimize due to limited quantity parameters of MT4 tester".
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    Default Only 15% in month real profitability of this EA

    Hear is easy to see that real profitability of this EA is only 15% per month ? That's are real results after peiod of optimization. May be somebody can correct me ?
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    Iīm getting constant "Ordersend Error 130" on this one.... wonīt open any trade.

    The alleged solution for this is here: OrderSend Error 130

    Can someone put the code changes in? At least wanna have a look if itīs still profitable, aye? ;-)

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