3Wings Ea, a small contribution....
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Thread: 3Wings Ea, a small contribution....

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    Default 3Wings Ea, a small contribution....

    Hi Funyoo, I love so much your website and your work that I felt compelled to contribute with something, I hope my Ea can count for something. I know for sure that if there is someone out there that can improve it that's you.
    It's based on W% indicator using 50,100 and 1000 setting. Basically and very simply when they all are overbought (strangely buy) and oversold (strangely sell) with 4 entries (important in my opinion). You can see two charts one with tf 30 and the other with tf 1h both backtesting are from 2000 to now 2010 and both used with EurUsd. I haven't tried other currencies yet, the backtesting takes a little time.

    I am sure you will know what to do with it, in my humble opinion, what I believe this Ea needs are....
    1) a filter/s to reduce the failing entries.
    2) optimizing stops and trailing stops (right now there are no trailing stops applied)
    3) tweaking the W% to make sure that my exit strategy is the most profitable.

    Thanks and I hope you will find it interesting.
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    Default Forgot to include the indicator....

    Forgot to include the indicator. Here it is....
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    Hi Fuyoo, do you think this EA has potential? Any ideas on what I can add to it to make it better?

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    what is behind the secret of the EA

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    Default Here the secret behind it!:)

    I spent many hours and tried different combination then all of sudden this was the only one that made a decent profit I really would like Funyoo or whoever is good at programming or optimizing to have a look at it and let me know if they can improve it.

    While I was waiting I had some good ideas, and I made a new version 1.01.
    I realized that 4 trades are too much and so I kept the only one with a better exit, but different combinations and optimizations could still be undiscovered. The exit will depend on W%1000 crossing the different levels of the indicator.
    The previous one had these levels:
    Buy -10-30-40-50
    Sell -90-70-60-50

    Here how the new version works

    two entries instead of 4(old version)

    sell when w% 100,500 and 1000 ==-100
    buy when w% 100,500 and 1000 ==0

    exits sell when w%1000 > -60 and -70
    exits buy when w%1000 < -30 and -40
    note about the exit:
    The exit triggers are when the crossing happens 2 bars before W% moves very fast sometimes and I thought it would be best to use the 2bar before exit strategy, but I havenít tried 1 and 0 yet.
    Stop loss is 200, no trailing stops.
    Best time frame 30m or 1hour.
    I haven't used it to trade yet so I don't know how it works on a demo.
    Friday and Monday are set to trade. I haven't optimized those yet.
    Even if there are different order IDs in the EA, it would be great to take those off and insert a Magic number for both entries that's basically should be the first thing to apply in order to start to trade with it.

    So to recap I would really like some help in trying to find some good filter for the entries so that the many false entries can be reduced, and some help in export the parameters in the EA so that we can try to optimize all the possible combinations with W%1000 or trying to find an extra filter to add to the W%1000. A magic number would be great too.
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    Default 1h is even more profitable

    1h is even more profitable remember this one only enter with 2 trades and it almost has the same profit as the first version but the first version enter with 4 trades!
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    Anybody back from the holidays who has some ideas on how to use this EA for a smaller time frame (so more trades) with some filters?
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3Wings Ea, a small contribution....