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Thread: EMA RSI Stoch EA

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    Default EMA RSI Stoch EA

    Buy when fast EMA over slow EMA, RSI over RSI level, stochastic lines under overbought and signal under main.

    Sell when fast EMA under slow EMA, RSI under RSI level, stochastic lines over oversold and signal over main.

    Exit when opposite EMA or RSI signal appears.

    EU H1. On one year.

    Total net profit : 215.43%
    RDD : 28.42%
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    Default EMA RSI STOCH EA

    Hi funyoo ..
    please i need to add trailing profit , breakeven and stoploss to this ea

    EMA RSI Stoch EA

    i wish that help me

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    Is it optimized? How much did you optimize it? It really seems too good to be true, considering that its entry signals are moving average and RSI.
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    Wow this easy Ea is so profitable if i use the martingale. Please adjust it so we can use it on more than one currency and one timeframe funyoo.

    The martingale of your ea still belong on the account balance.

    so if one currency makes a negative trade, another ea starts to double the lots. thats not good.

    If someone can adjust it we can earn lot of money here.


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    Hi funyoo ..

    Could you please to help me for change RSI for overbought 70 and oversold 30?

    Thank you in advance

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