LevelStop-Reverse EA, please help...
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Thread: LevelStop-Reverse EA, please help...

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    Default LevelStop-Reverse EA, please help...

    I found this EA online on this website.... Stop Reverse System 100 pips/day - Expert Needed ! - Page 2 @ Forex Factory
    Funyoo, could you help me out with some optimization that can work good from 2008 until now? And can you please add a stop option to it or any filter you might think will work?
    This is what I came up with so far...
    Here a screenshot from 2010 until now with my set file for 5m looks good but in the other years are not that good.
    It would be nice to have a 5m set file that works better on the previous year too.

    (for whom has read the website I posted... The LevelStop-Reverse.mq4 is actually the v.2 of the indicator I just rename it so that EA will work. Moreover if anyone can get the creator to share his set file and post it here that would be great!)

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LevelStop-Reverse EA, please help...