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Thread: TERMINATOR v2.0 EA

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    Default It is designed to terminate your account

    It calls terminator for a reason.
    Any system with inverted risk reward and martingale is a time bomb by design.
    This is for psychotic donors
    There are better ways for public donations.

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    Hi Funyoo
    I am beginner in MT4 and we tested the demo an interesting method and please help me to modify this in Terminator EA.
    My method is the tunnel and make trade orders in a tunnel by “n” pips (variable).
    The rules are:


    level1:buy say 0.1 lot TP and SL
    level2: sel 0.2 lot buy price –pips and reverse TP, SL
    level3: buy 0.4lot at price first buy and TP, SL idem
    level4: sel 0.8 lot at price sell and TP, SL idem
    or other method……………………………
    ---level1:buy say 0.1 lot TP, SL and make pending order (sel 0.2 lot buy price –pips nd reverse TP, SL)
    --- when take the next sel 0.2 lot , make pending order (buy 0.4 lot at price forst buy and TP, SL idem )
    ---when take the next buy, make pending order (sel 0.8 lot at price forst sell and TP, SL idem)
    …..etc……… up to MaxTrades
    The method does not lose all your money if you fail because Free Margin not allow more trade or was reached to MaxTrade.

    Similar for +SELL+
    keep all variable to the EA
    I apologize for my bad English.
    Thank you!

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    Hi all,

    Does any one know why there's no long position during backtest of terminator V2 ( Modified ) V101 V102 & V103 ??

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