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    Send Funyoo!
    - This is the reverse (decomplie), I do not remember its source, did reverse Code does not matter what you? But the EA is very good!
    - When you demo I saw some problems:
    At the same time it hit a lot of conflicting orders! Sell, Trend is Up!
    After a moment place orders overlap (with the command - and+) and then automatically cut all the command - Flammable account (ACC die) - and most of the holes. and the total profit back negative, though it has so many orders +.
    There's also this case: When I try to account less $ 1,000, most of it without putting the pads on ( not exponent). But with large accounts $ 50,000, there are phenomena that (there used Exponent)!
    * To be honest with you want to experiment with the robot, this robot you want to trade with real accounts (Live) Small only! Hope you help me "perfect" as possible!
    - You can improve (fix..) some errors?
    - You can write code to control the maximum number of losses (loss max)?
    - Can I manually intervene when the robot trade?
    - Limit to non Died mini ACC?
    - the way he thought of how to use this EA?
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Help EA! minhtr123