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    Default To FUNYOO, rgding Stop Loss

    Hi Funyoo

    Thx so much for optimising this EA with MM feature. Im particularly very concern regarding Stop Loss settings, & I would appreciate it very much if u can pls advise & reply me on the following:-

    Q1) Im aware that there is a Stop Loss setting which is currently set at 0. In your opinion, shld I set any value to this Stop loss?

    Q2) If yes, to the above, how much shld I set the Stop Loss value to, if im using IBFX 5 digit MT4 platform?

    Q3) If your answer is No to Q1, then wat settings or optimisation shld I use to mitigate the high drawdown &/or margin call risks?

    Thanks you in advance

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    Hello funyoo,

    I get OrderClose error 138 messages in the log file. What is the reason behind that? Thanks!

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    Hello. Could anyone please help me?

    When I am downloading expert advisors from the elite section, some of which don't work.

    They are greyed out, and as a result won't backtest. I am missing the .ex4 file. These aren't available for download. Am I doing something wrong when I install them onto MetaTrader?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I think this ea report BT good , But you run ea for real monney

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