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    funyoo sir, I like cowabunga system, but i need ea code for this system with certain changes like it should open trade with 5 crossing 10 above buy if rsi >50 and vice versa for sell but should not consider stochastic & macd as orginal cowagunga system 2) no need of sl & Tp.3) it should not check main trend as orginal cowabunga system. it should consider only time frame which is given to it for that some option should given while attaching to chart, i mean while attaching chart i should give which time frame i would like to trade actual view time frame may be diff.4) once it is trade it should not close trade till it gives oppsite signal, e.g if buy triggers then it should close trade & open new trade when it give sell trigger. pls. kindly do it for me

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    Default Free Cowabunga Expert Advisor By

    Here is a good expert advisor for the cowabunga system that is free and has no errors.

    It also has all the features of the system like stops placed at swing high/low, take profits at 00 and 50 levels, etc, etc.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cowabungababy View Post
    Here is a good expert advisor for the cowabunga system that is free and has no errors.

    It also has all the features of the system like stops placed at swing high/low, take profits at 00 and 50 levels, etc, etc.


    Cowabunga Expert Advisor - The Trade Machine Blog
    Hi cowabungababy and welcome,

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Hello. I'm newly registered on the forum and this is my first post.

    I'm a UK based forex trader and programmer. I'm newer to Forex than I am to programming and computers.

    I'm currently testing and perhaps looking to improve the free CowabungaEA from

    You can view the live MT4 stats for the first of my many tests at

    It is trading GBP/USD , GBP/JPY , GBP/CHF on a $5000 AlpariUK-Demo account starting from 08:00 GMT on the 7th Jan. 2010.

    All of the 'default' settings are being tested except that the trading window is from 08:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT. This 'window' has been selected to include only the London and New York sessions, as well as an attempt to incorporate some sort of 'cool down' period towards the end of day trading.

    I'm also monitoring the standard Cowabunga Indicator outputs for other functions and development.

    Basically, I have an opportunity in my 'live' trading accounts for the GBP/USD and GBP/JPY currency pairs and I'm looking to improve on the free CowabungaEA for my personal use and to share with the community.

    Initially, I don't intend or need to alter the EA, but just to improve on it's settings and automated trades.

    My first proposal is to create a custom .dll which can handle, as well as, automatically and appropriately edit the AvoidNews functions on a daily basis.

    I plan to do this using a similar method to the Fundamental Trader DailyFX CSV MQL4 Of course it will only input and remove the relevant news events for the currency pair at 'medium' to 'high' settings. It should include a free news data source and free custom downloader. The addition of some Neural Network functionality will also be considered in the future.

    Any forum members who have tested or who have established settings, tricks or suggested improvements to both Cowabunga and the CowabungaEA I would be glad to receive a PM from. Any source code would also be a big help.

    I welcome your comments and suggestions.

    Thank you - XeroFX
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    Backtest is good, but on demo robot doesnt trade about month, wherh is the probleme?

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