Another EA for the traditional hedging strategy with EURUSD and USDCHF.

We buy 0.1 EURUSD, and 0.1 USDCHF.

If the floating loss of these two is more than -USD10,

We buy 0.2 EURUSD, and 0.2 USDCHF,

If the floating loss of 0.1 EURUSD, and 0.1 USDCHF becomes more than -USD20,

We buy 0.3 EURUSD, and 0.3 USDCHF,


We close the orders when the profit is more than USD10.

string comment="EA";                     // comment to display in the order
extern int magic=1234;                   // magic number required if you use different settings on a pair, same tf

extern string moneymanagement="Money Management";
extern double initiallots=0.1;           // initial lots
extern int lotdigits=2;                  // lotdigits
extern bool cumulative=true;             // cumulate lots size on step loss

string profitmanagement="Profit Management";
extern double target=10;                 // usd target

extern string ordersmanagement="Order Management";
extern double steploss=10;               // step in usd loss to add orders

extern string entrylogics="Entry Logics";
extern int type=OP_BUY;                  // type of operation, 0=buy, 1=sell
extern string symbol1="EURUSD";          // pair 1
extern string symbol2="USDCHF";          // pair 2
Note : this EA can not be backtested.

Attach the EA on EU, the timeframe doesn't matter. We enter as long as the profit is not reached, on steploss, or when there are no open orders. There is no initial signal. You can disable cumulative lots size if wanted, change the pairs, initial lots, target, steploss, type (0=buy, 1=sell).

You can also try only buy (type=0) on one chart and only sell (type=1) on another chart with a different magic number.

Download : Simple Hedger (available in the Elite section).