Problems with Backtesting
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Thread: Problems with Backtesting

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    Question Problems with Backtesting


    i got some problems with backtesting and historical data.

    I used for my EA a backtesting-periode of "5 min" on "EURUSD" and a timeframe from "2009.01.01 - 2011.02.18" and tested it on 3 metatrader-Accounts (4XP, InterbankFX and IncoNeon) with different results:

    - 4XP( Profitfact. - 1.07)

    - InterbankFX( Profitfact. - 0.78):

    - IncoNeon(Profitfact. - 1.21):

    Where do i get good historical data or which data provider did you prefer to get responsible results ???

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    OK, i will reply for my own...

    if you have such a problem go to this link Tick data - 99% modeling quality with Metatrader 4 | Birt's EA review and try it this way.
    The historical data are tick-data from 2007.03.01-till now. So you will get an "99% modelling quality".
    There are also 10 sec Data from 2004.01.01 - till now which are very interesting.


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Problems with Backtesting