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    Default Martingala News EA

    Entry buy and sell x minutes before the news, then we add orders against the trend waiting for a retracement.

    We use martingale as money management. We close the orders once the profit target is reached.

    extern double multiplier=2.0;            // martingale multiplier, set 1 to disable martingale
    extern string profitmanagement="Profit Management";
    extern double targetpercent=0.1;         // percent of the account balance as profit target
    extern int resetlevel=5;                 // percent target = 0 if long or short orders >= 5
    extern string ordersmanagement="Order Management";
    extern int pipsteps=20;                  // 0=disabled
    extern double pipstepsfactor=1.2;        // factor to multiply pipsteps after each order
    extern double direction=1;               // 1=trend counter, 2=trend follow
    extern string entrylogics="Entry Logics";
    extern int minutesdeploy=60;             // minutes before the news to generate first orders
    extern int minutesbuffer=20;             // minutes around the deploy to enter orders
    extern bool impacthigh=true;             // consider impact high
    extern bool impactmedium=false;          // consider impact medium
    extern bool impactlow=false;             // consider impact low
    You can set the impact factor if wanted. And change the direction if you desire to follow the trend.

    Forward mode :

    You need the FFCAL.mq4 version attached. Put it in the indicators folder.

    Backtesting :

    This EA is one of the rare code that allows backtesting with news (used here as signals). I have rewritten the respective function.

    Put XLOutput.CSV (attached) in the tester/files folder. You can create and update this csv file yourself with News v303 (FFCAL.exe > only check date, time, currency, and impact; set the output only events between); it will be sent to expert/files.

    Download : Martingala News EA (available in the Elite section).
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