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    I found this EA here:

    Index of /mt_yahoo

    I thought we could play around with this and add a filter or something...


    I am not a backtester or optimizer...I am a forward tester...this is not my test...I found this file at the link above. This is the graph for the EUR/USD M30 and check the settings in the file because they are not default settings (the TP SL and TS are confusing to me though...why does he set them that way?).
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    This EA qualifies for posting not because of its yield but because of the extremly low RDD of 0.59%. But also note the upward slope of the graph without any dead zones or sharp cliffs...This seems to be a type of EA that I can tolerate and a good candidate to forward test and/or tweak...if only the backtests were reliable...

    I use an IBFX mini demo account with 1K so I changed the lotsize to 0.01...this EA nearly trades 24 hrs so I left the time filter alone...Is is very slow today on the US Holiday (Presidents Day) so I am not getting any trades yet. I hope this EA functions with IBFX.


    P.S. This is a very detailed EA with the input choices, such as what will show up in the comments and how many times to resubmit orders...I am sure funyoo might find interesting "chunks of code" to use...there is slippage and a shift choice too!
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    Here is the best result that I get for the past 12 months.

    EU M30. On one year.

    Total net profit : 33.75%
    RDD : 27.62%
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    Interesting, a bit different

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    can add please auto lot mm percent of equity

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Atr Ea

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