Hello, I have a custom EA. I only use pro tick data when performing back tests, tick data that I download in CSV format, then use 2 scripts, one to convert the CSV file to an FXT file (for back testing in MT4) and the other script to trick MT4 to allow the newly created FXT to work in MT4.

Unfortunately the optimization feature in MT4 does not properly work when testing with the pro tick data, but I am able to get 99% modeling quality with no chart errors each time I test, so that is nice. However, I need to do a LOT of scans to get the information necessary...and even if the optimization feature worked with the tick data, it does not create a report page for each scan, it simply tells you which scan had the best performance compared to the other scans. The thing is, I need the report information for each scan done, regardless of whether it was profitable or not. I need to know how many trades were taken, how many were winners, how many were losers, how many consecutive wins, consecutive losses, average consecutive wins, etc, etc.

I fear that my only option may be to create a third party application that can do this for me. Unless there is some method to automate this process in MT4. I use an MT4 loader to allow me to run several instances of MT4 at the same time, each pulling from the tick data FXT file created. This is convenient for running more than 1 backtest at the same time, but considering each 1 year scan done with tick data takes between 13 and 15 minutes, it is still a very time consuming process and one which takes about 24 hours of straight testing to get a single string of data that I need.

I wanted to ask if anybody here might know of a way to automate the process I've described above. I've even considered using an application like RoboTask (RoboTask - Automate any series of tasks on your computer!), but so far have not figured out how to automate all the necessary steps needed as well as the collection of the information.

I will appreciate any input you may have.