I am looking for this EA can you Help
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Thread: I am looking for this EA can you Help

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    Default I am looking for this EA can you Help

    I used to trade with this EA, but I quit Forex Long time ago and now it is Time to Come back
    I can't recall what it is the Name of the EA that I am Looking for , Yet I know how it works
    1-It open random Buy or Sell in any direction then If the Open went with Profit after after the Pre set TP, it is closed and open New Trade in the other Directions
    and after predefined pip it Open new Trade in the Same direction with multiplier an So on

    i guess it was 0.1-0.2-0.4-0.8 and so one

    I found several versions of them , Yet I am Looking for the simple versions where By i can manage :
    1-Lot Size
    2-after how many pips the Next Trade will be Open
    3- what is the multiplier value
    4-what is the TS
    5-Take Profet
    6-how man trades the EA can open in the same directions

    this is what i can recall
    please help and Tell me where i can find it and what it is the name of it

    thanks in advance

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    with this specs, i think there are over 1k ea's out in the forex world
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    can any one attache sample , specialy that what i am asking for is so simple EA not complicated
    just if any one knows give me names and i will search for such FXPROMaker_1.47(Multiplier) who do the job but it is too complicated

    Thanks for your suport

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    Default have you found it?

    have you found the ea that you were looking for?

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I am looking for this EA can you Help