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    Default 100 pips v3 EA

    This is 100pips vf EA with just no loss in my forward test over the last 20days.Its not the same coding because i altered its buying and sell entry signal with great results. Currently demo running it and so far so good. Attached setfile and 100pips v3 EA are to be used. The setfile is to be used.Here is my strategytester 1oopips a day EURUSD Strategy | Myfxbook and i working on the aggressive one that opens numerous positions at once.
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    Default use attached setfile

    Use attached setfile with 100pips v3 EA on EURUSD 5M timeframe only. Attach to other pairs at your own risk
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    very interesting program
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vino ricky View Post
    very interesting program
    Thanks Vino. Its reverse-engineering. Here is my demo 1oopips a day EURUSD|Myfxbook Consistent so far,i would soon put it live i just need one more week of test.
    Profit factor of 63.58 in 1 week well,lets keep it rolling.
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    I tested this EA, if you tested it few day before your statement day May/14, you will lose big money. ( look at your FXbook, it waits for 8 days for profit, sometime, price never come back and it will lose big money).

    It uses 6/7 day MA to decide buy/sell at start, and wait utill it make money, it makes many 10-20 pips profits, However, without stoploss and if you don pay attention, One shot mistake, It will blow your account. however, with Stoploss add it, this EA will not be profitable, Anyway way, It will lose money in long run.

    It is an old year 2006 EA, you can find more many forum on internet. They did make many change to it.

    Version 3.1 is a bug version, Someone trying to add Stoploss and it end up making coding mistake and it open up many order.
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    Thanks for the info. I am just testing it man,no hard feelings. Lol

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    Me too, I am new too and testing and hoping that I can make some money EA.

    Many EA fails like this, They hide their drawback and hope that market price return, However, If market price doesn't return, It will blow your account. That's why they wait for 8 day or 1 month for market price to return.

    However, They can still be profitable, If you check it once everyday, and close those fail deal manualy for it, it might be still really profitable.

    In Most Funyoo EA, If stoploss is not used, They have option basketprofit/loss setting, it can reduce this problem.

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    People just want fully automatic winning EA forever but it is hard to find, Some of EA fail for many reason and some EA hide failing deal and hoping that market price will come back, If market's price doesn't come back, It blow your account.

    However, Those EA might be profitable in Semi-EA operation, I am testing Funyoo Old EA " Tro Ratrate EA", It is a fail EA ( Funyoo and other people removed them from their FXbook) I have been forward test it in Demo for 3 weeks and I closed deal which open for more than 1-2 day and looking bad, it triple my account now, I backtested this EA in same peorid of time, It blew my account. ( Semi- EA = Human + EA = More winning chances)
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    Thats true Vino. Lets try blessing 3.7. I used for 3days and got 27% profit. I didnt leave it to run on its own,i made it open trades then closed the platform.Imagine i left it run,it would be above 50%. And secondly,use it SEMI-AUTOMATED. It works well with it or you add a takeprofit script to modify all your open trades.

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    I am very new in this Forex game for few months only.

    I backtested Blessing 3.34 before with post optimise setting , It seems very profitable but fail on EurUSA between sept/13/2011, But it uses martingale money management methods so it is little bit risky, If you keep an eye on it, it is still a profitable EA.

    I haven't have time to forward test bless 3.x yet.

    I have been testing " Tro rat zone" for 3 -4 weeks, I start with $5,000 Demo, now it has near $20,000 , I did manual close up trades couple times for it, I did reduce lots size and maxium trade number to reduce risk to blow my account, I backtest it same period of time, it should blow my account.

    I am also testing "Step by step EA" I used it for 4 days now, I start with $5,000 demo, it has $7,200 now, However, I did manual close few trades but find that market do recover and no need to close those trades. ( When a deal open for few day with big lose, I should close it anyway to be safe).

    Beside EA, I am learning to increase my manual trading skill level, So far, I find that those basic indicators, Mcad, RSI, stochactic,ETC, Their basic function do not work well unless in higher time frame, But Divergence do work well, Support and resistance level work well, Complex Bear/bull patterns work well, Different Market open times work well, I am still a loser in New York time market, Market is change too fast and I am not able to catch it up, However, For slower market, London market, I should be a winner.

    I am not a daytrader, I was scamed by friend who lose my big money in Forex, I am hoping that I can get it back to make my life better.
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