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Thread: The Donchian Scalper 1.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by haraldw View Post
    Hi Traders,
    someone tried to build-in another filter into the TDS 1.08? I use the Bull&Bear power filter (period 68, timeframe H1) to determine the market direction in combination with the TDS 1.08 EA. If the market goes down (BullBear Power below zero), I set the Donchian scalper on "short only" and vice versa. I use the M15 timeframe and run it on dynamic pairs like USDJPY, GBPJPY or EURUSD. Works very well, but I have to adjust the "long/short only" settings manually quite often. Can someone who is an skilled programmer build-in the filter into the EA post it here?

    Thanks in advance!!


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    sir EA does not work

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    Quote Originally Posted by dareking View Post
    sir EA does not work

    I want the EA close faster, I change the profit value but nothing happend. WHat i should do?

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    Hi everybody!

    The EA donchian is excelent, but i have a doubt.

    I'm using TF M1 with the set available here in the forum, but EA only opens buy orders. Are there any parameters that should be changed for it to open buy and sell orders? It is set up for purchase and sale.

    Thanks in advanced.

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