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    Hi funyoo,
    First I want to introduce myself as a new member, interest in effectiv eas.

    I have testet the ea scalper level and found out the the settings should be changed for eu h1 like this:
    NB levels: 3 better for mini accounts, also possible 2.
    I also tried to change "pips" to 6 in order to have a smaller corridor between upper tp/sL und lower tp/sl.
    But this doesnt go, the ea does´t accept, it works only with 10 also after having changed the parameter.
    It would be great if you could make it possible to vary the distance between the levels.

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    Default This week forward test

    .set default, tested on all good spread pairs.
    Join the forward testing campaign Taichi DeMarker EA
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    Default Doesn't test with Alpari well

    Loosing big on Alpari, making $ on ActiveTrades with Funyoo's setting.

    If Funyoo optimizes on MQ data, then it should work best with 4 digit brokers.
    5 digit needs special optimization.

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    Default Can someone add reverse for grid and logic

    Figured lot size, it isn't MM, it's fixed amount you set + same size added
    Tests very differently with different brokers. I use latest (magic) version with eurH1.set on H1 charts. Loses 3 times faster on Alpari then makes it with Active Trades. With Go Markets goes nowhere. Tested on 14 pairs
    See results attached
    Has lots of potential if grid placement is figured. It fires it differently with diff brokers on diff pairs, is it time, rule based, both,? Have to find more if that can be controlled. So far looks next to lottery number generator
    There is busy Trade Context error in journal when run on multiple settings. Checking for Trade Context should be added to the code.
    Can someone add reverse, i'll post reverse results then as well.
    2 reverse options are to be added, reverse on levels and reverse on buckling winners intead of loosers, will create 3 more possible combinations to test,
    Mamma Mia
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    Default What's the broker you tested it?

    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Hi all,

    Don't waste your time trying this EA. It's blow up your AC all times !
    It tests like night and day with diff brokers, what's yours? I want to know cause it can be either run in reverse or shed some light on how system behaves,
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    Default Which broker?

    Quote Originally Posted by sholeyonline View Post
    This expert is one of the best expert I've used in the past. If you are not greedy. I was able to demo trade for two months $2500 account turn $8K plus its ok I beleive.
    Could you be more specific. It tests like night and day with different brokers.
    Perhaps it can make even more money in reverse with some of them.
    What are the other best EAs you have forward tested?
    Thank you
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    Default How midnight is calculated?

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Hi pakallis and welcome,

    Yes there is no specific rules.

    At midnight, it enters pending orders 10/20/30/40/50 pips over/under the price with a TP 60 pips still over/under the price. The SL is located at the opposite TP.

    Then as long as there is no profit will buy/sell orders, it adds other pending orders in the same direction than the losing trades with the same principles. It can generate a lot of profit in periods with "yoyo", it can also destroy your account in less than a day during trending market.

    Here is the day where the EA has made 75% with a relative drawdown of 0.62%.

    Then I don't understand well how, but the closing has been enabled and the EA has stopped to trade. I should have to remove it and to reload it again to continue the test.
    1.Is it 00:00 GMT or midnight per broker server time?
    2. Besides Midnight does it make initial grid firing at the start up, so it has also start up firing point and buckles the loosers after, is that right?
    Thanks for posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viv108 View Post
    I dont know how it got so high in the 'best expert advisor' competition'. It only works when you load it up, and then wont work unless you reload it. Profits are based on fluke. There are no strategic levels on which stops etc are placed. Very risky.

    I am sure if we all put our heads togther, we can come up with an EA which is as close to the holy grail as possible!
    ...does the way you described With NordFinance. Starts when you start it and then no trades. EA is poorly coded, the weirdest I saw. Also with multiple pairs it gives busy Trading Context error and some pairs don't open positions, can't change pip distance. looks lvery rookish , But interesting idea. Perhaps someone finished it but let everybody have a surrogate they started with.
    Most of the EAs on this forum are like that, may be not that raw, a bit more polished.
    But glichiness is a part of system's charm, it is close to random number generator.
    It doesn't back test with set time = true either.
    Needs lots of work
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    Hi Metatrader7,

    Thanks for sharing you detailed statements,

    I will update the top.

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    Default Forward test for the week, almost double acc, then bust

    Earlier wins turned into abrupt losses. It behaves as Martingale, because it is coded to buckle the losses, same dead end idea. And it's not the broker, rather the start up time, it's weird. I think this should be either reversed into buckling the winners or opted so EA should work as a range break out on preset time only. It shouldn't fire trades just on start up as it does now. It should back test on preset time.
    Only one instance of this EA test, started on Sunday turned to be temporarily profitable. All other tests went strait to the bottom from the start.
    But they all lost at the end.
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