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Thread: Level scalper v4

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    Level Scalper v4 EU H1 lots 0.04 start-restart.

    Profit : 8.41%
    Open : -26.03%
    DD : 6.70%
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    Default Hello funyoo   Please make it.

    Hello funyoo

    Level Scalper v4 (Magic).mq4 is used now.

    This EA opens 10PIPS on and under at the same time as operating and the order enters.

    I want to reduce the interval with the order.

    When the parameter was changed, even 6PIPS became narrow.

    I want to adjust this to 3PIPS and 2PIPS.
    Is it possible?

    Please make it.
    My best regards.

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    Please can any one add a max lots to this EA


    Please .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metatrader7 View Post
    Earlier wins turned into abrupt losses. It behaves as Martingale, because it is coded to buckle the losses, same dead end idea. And it's not the broker, rather the start up time, it's weird. I think this should be either reversed into buckling the winners or opted so EA should work as a range break out on preset time only. It shouldn't fire trades just on start up as it does now. It should back test on preset time.
    Only one instance of this EA test, started on Sunday turned to be temporarily profitable. All other tests went strait to the bottom from the start.
    But they all lost at the end.
    Exactly what happened to me three times on 3 live accounts with this software, big profits first followed by catostraphic losses. Not only does it blow out your accounts it leaves you with a negative balance. The reason being this software is not meant to work with sideways or choppy markets.

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Level scalper v4

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