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Thread: Candle Patterns Expert Advisor

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    Hello funyoo!

    At First thanks to you and all of the others for this great forum.

    And for my first Post, i had a problem. ;-)

    Nice to found an idicator with a good range of Candle Patterns included.
    I looked in the CSV file to know which patterns it can identify.

    But i dont understand, that i cannot swith the yellow box to the size of three candles.

    When i want to change the settings from 1 candle to max 3 Candles, it only types a lot of words in the chart.
    Did i something wrong?

    Could you help me with that?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default EA not working

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post

    Here is an EA based on an indicator released today on : Candle Patterns.

    Unfortunately, we can't backtest the code, as there is an issue during the importation of the csv file. We'll have to test it in demo.

    Note that I have modified the indicator. I have added small arrows directly drawn over/under the bars.

    Place files into the following subdirectories: |
    Candle Patterns 2.mq4 into "\experts\indicators",
    Candle Patterns.csv into "\experts\files",
    Candle Patterns.rtd into "\experts\files",
    Symbols_.csv into "\experts\files",
    gSpeak.mqh into "\experts\include",
    speak.dll into "\experts\libraries",
    candle patterns.tpl into "\templates".
    Close and then re-start MetaTrader for it to find the new files.

    this expert advisor not worink I tried to test it on stratagy tester but it does not buy or sell ... so how did u run this EA ?

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