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Thread: DoubleMTF Stoch EA

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannaberich View Post
    The problem with this EA it is not consistant, ok you get a few good wins and you think this looks great, then the losses come and can almost wipe ones account out
    Based upon my results starting out this week on Sunday, I think you may be right.

    I put the EA back on yesterday night and it's barely up so we'll see what the rest of the week brings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnbb2004 View Post
    That's great I can't wait to see them! Are you letting the EA close all of your profits/losses for you? Or, do you close them manually at a certain point?
    automated all the way. no human intervented. I am running this EA on quite a number of pairs, will check which currency got great potential in this system.

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    How well did you do this week with this EA? My results have NOT turned out that good. :-(

    I still have 13 trades open at .50 cent lot sizes, but they are down only $2.70.
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    I know I'm jumping on board a little late in the game but where is the short hand manuel explaining the function? It appears that this EA trades two timeframes. I'm actually interested in EA that invests m15 80/20 levels but only if confirmed by h1

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DoubleMTF Stoch EA

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