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Thread: Firebird v63G

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    hi funyoo,
    can you pls add ecn option the ea posted #30, ( the one without excessive loss alert). thanks funyoo
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    Quote Originally Posted by markbto View Post
    I'm not exactly what version this is.. but looks good for results so far.

    this one is on M30

    set included.
    hi, I'm new in Ea, what's purpose file firebirdv63q.set , and how to use it.
    Thank You

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    Default (Request) Firebird V63G

    Hi Funyoo,

    When you have time could you please add money management and martigale to this ea? I'm finding that it's not difficult to find settings that produce maximum consecutive losses of 1 or 2, so it could be quite beneficial to the overall performance. Thanks

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    So I've had the Firebird open for 2 days with no action. Is there something I need to do to get it trading? or is it just really picky?

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    Default Hi Toby123, please share your pre-set files

    Hi Toby123,

    Please share your pre-set files, time-frame, and which pairs that you are using to run this Firebird EA with nice results.

    Thanks a lot for your kind sharing

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    Any updates? Vic

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    To back-test a system at least you need to try 1000 trades to get first success rate , if the balance survived the first 100 trades you follow to next 100 trades .... 10 times.
    here only you can say that system is good for safe trading or not , better on Live account ( Demo or Real ) not back-test using historic data.

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Firebird v63G

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