It has been a couple of month since I first reported about SunbirdFX and since then I have talked to more people who had live accounts with this broker. The main points in those experiences are their competent and friendly services and fast withdrawals.
There offer of one month risk free trading seems to be a big seller, though personally if I wanted to have something risk free I would not be trading at all.

Part of the excitement in trading is the risk that we take every day, experience and calculations let us negotiate those risks. I have been trading for about 8 Years now and I still enjoy it.

Their website offers great little gadgets like the ones below, and I personally like those widgets. I have not heard anything about negative slippage or stop hunting. The Web has not much to offer on negative information either, so I have to rely on the information I can find.

Sunbird has been around since 2005 and is located in Ireland offering ECN trading on a wide rang of products to the retail sector. The minimum deposit is 100$ so not much of a stretch. I do not know a lot of people that can make a lot of money from 100$ but there are those geniuses and my hat off to them.
SunbirdFX Offers Risk Free Trading.