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Thread: Fundamental Analysis by ForexMart

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    Default Fundamental Analysis by ForexMart

    Fundamental Analysis: February 2

    The stability of the US dollar cannot be weaken by the conflicting data of the USA. In the fourth quarter, the economy of the USA increased by 0.7% only versus the reported of +0.8% and the preceding value of 2.0%, according to the initial statistics. In the meantime, along with expectations at 1.2%, the direct consumption expenditures index increased. In the preceding value of 93.3, the Michigan consumer confidence index dropped to 92.0 in opposition of the reported 93.0. Generally, the economic scene is somewhat variegated. The previous Fed statements that the country's economy is in a slow phase made the market be ready for poor Gross Domestic Product data.

    To some extent, the positive inflation deliverance of the January euro zone appeased the bears' intensity who attempts to be a future monetary policy easing in March by the ECB. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM), a manufacturing sector of US, has been anticipated to produce negative data. The index occurs at the level of 48.2 in opposition of the reported 48.1. The EUR/USD currency pair became stronger by the end of the trades.

    As stated by the Central Bank of Iraq, the negative manufacturing orders balance dynamics indicated that the production sector Purchasing Managers Index forecast could be more weak than the consensus report. In any case, the data appeared better than the reported median 52.9 in opposition to 51.8. The GBP/USD pair strengthened intensely by the end of the trades.

    For the first time of its history, the Bank of Japan published a negative interest rate which causes to be the primary newsmaker in the past week. AS stated by BOJ, the current rate will stay unless the regulator finds a sturdy inflation rate of 2% per annum. The USD/JPY pair somewhat reduced by the end of the trades.
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    Lightbulb Fundamental Analysis: April 8, 2016

    A poor Industrial Production forecast was presented to the market wherein the index missed 0.5% while the report was 1.8%. Yellen's statement about the external risks and the decelerating rate hike were implied in the issued Fed minutes. The market was hoping for the Fed to lower their rate hike in September wherein they expected for 46.5%. There is also presumptions and the market gives 50% that the rate hike will take place in November and 52.5% that it will happen in December.

    The main occurrence of Thursday were the declaration of the ECB minutes and Mario Draghi's statement. The Initial Jobless Claims was 267,000 while the report was 270,000. However, the Consumer Credit Change was $17,22B while the report was 14.74B.

    The House Prices forecast for March was issued by the UK wherein the housing prices grew by 10.1%. However, the economists expected that the inflation rate would slow down a bit to 9.5%. In monthly terms, the housing prices increased by 2.6%. Nevertheless, analysts expected the prices to increase only by 0.7%.
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