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Thread: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart

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    Default Fundamental Analysis for USD/CAD: August 19, 2016

    The USD/CAD pair went down by 26 points as the USD further decreased its value, with both gold and oil experiencing an upsurge. The said pair is currently trading at 1.2819, with the CAD continuing its present positive value. The CAD temporarily went over the 78-cent level of the USD as the greenback fell in relation to a lot of currencies as oil prices continued to rise.

    One of the reasons for the CAD’s recent gains is the sudden upsurge in oil futures, with per barrel amounting to more than $47. Another reason for the currency’s gain is the weakening of the US dollar after calls for the Federal Reserve to take extra caution when it comes to increasing its interest rates. The CAD has been steadily increasing its value during the last 7 trading sessions before the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee yesterday, which led to a decrease after the release of the meeting’s statement.

    Investors are now expecting the release of the Canadian Consumer Price Index monthly report for its yearly and monthly data. Yearly data is expected to fall at 1.3% from last month’s 1.5%, while the monthly data is also expected to go down by -0.1% from last month’s 0.2%. Should the actual data fail to match the expected data release, then traders can expect volatility in prices as the market will try to adapt to the released financial information.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for NZD/USD: August 22, 2016

    The NZD/USD pair is currently trading at 0.7264 points after gaining a 1% increase during the week due to an upsurge in dairy prices and a generally positive data flow. The positive data for dairy prices was due to an increase in the global dairy auction, with the average pricing going up from 12.7% to $2731 per tonne, with a 6.6% increase during the auction.

    Speculators in the market had predicted a 25-point basis cut as central banks are pushing for inflation rates to go back at the 1-3% rate in order to counter high currencies. The governor of the Reserve Bank has also stated that they are willing to further cut down on interest rates since there is a renewed pressure on the NZD as international conditions are continuing to weaken and interest rates remain low. He also stated that the Reserve Bank is currently having difficulties to meet its target inflation rate since the exchange rate must decline first in order to make way for added inflation.

    The financial market could also become undermined if the surges in the housing market continue, while the domestic economy remains on the positive side due to an added strength in its tourism and migration data, as well as low interest rates. Commodity prices also increased by at least 2%, its highest index since October 2015.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for EUR/USD: August 24, 2016

    The EUR/USD pair had little response to the positive composite PMI data, with the EUR trading up to 25 points before the data release and remained at 1.1345 near its highest range point as the USD continued to weaken. Manufacturing PMI data went below its expected range but went above the 50-divider line.

    The economic status of the eurozone maintained its status in August, with its growth showing that it is unlikely to be cut back as a result of a possible fallout following the Brexit referendum. The composite PMI for the eurozone rose in July, from 53.2 to 53.3 points, going above the 50 level which separates expansion from contraction and is the best reading for the region in seven months. IHS Markit has stated that the eurozone’s economy remains on the steady side, with an estimated 0.3% GDP for this quarter, similar to the first half average of 2015.

    Speculators are now awaiting the Federal Reserve’s chairwoman Janet Yellen’s statement at the Jackson Hole Symposium this coming Friday. Investors will be monitoring this symposium as this has been the platform used by the Fed to warn of either a tightening or a loosening of monetary policy.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for USD/CAD: August 25, 2016

    The USD/CAD pair went higher during Wednesday’s session, trading at 1.2942 after increasing by 0.0031 or +0.24%. This increase in the pair was due to speculations that Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen will be delivering a possibly hawkish statement on Friday’s Jackson Hole Wyoming central bankers’ symposium. The CAD also weakened after a sudden build caused crude oil prices to go lower than 1.50%. This sharp sell-off occurred after an unexpected stockpile increase as stated by the US Energy Information Administration, causing renewed concerns about the surplus in international supply.

    The government of Alberta, Canada raised its 2016-17 budget deficit forecast to C$10.9 billion last Tuesday, after the disastrous wildfire that ripped through the region caused damages in Fort McMurray’s oil sands hub.

    If the USD continues to strengthen against the CAD and crude oil prices further decrease, then the daily pattern chart shows an upside shift in momentum. However, crude oil prices can also experience a sudden surge especially if Janet Yellen’s statement on Friday turns out to be dovish, or both OPEC and non-OPEC countries opt for a production freeze. Large payoffs are expected, however, if crude levels go lower than this month’s levels and if the Fed’s statement signals at least one rate hike before the year comes to a close.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for USD/JPY: August 26, 2016

    The USD/JPY pair remained within its range while the markets are awaiting Janet Yellen’s speech within today. Aside from the Fed’s statement release, investors are also anticipating the release of Japan’s inflation data, which is expected to cause volatility in the yen’s current value. The BoJ might not be able to extend additional support to either the Japanese economy or to assist inflation rates while employers refuse to have a wage increase, causing stagnation in the country’s economic cycle. The IMF has also recently noticed that Abenomics was not able to use its three-arrow plan in order to boost the economic status in Asia.

    The index of Nikkei 225 increased by 10% since June and the JPY has also increased in relation to the USD. This might become a problem for stocks since a strengthening yen would not attract exporters as it can decrease their foreign profits especially when converted to their local currencies. Investors are also worried that the Bank of Japan might dominate financial markets after the BoJ doubled its purchases of Tokyo-based shares, which can cause distortions in prices. This will also make it harder for investors to separate functional companies from non-functional ones, and can also cause misallocation of capital and can reduce incentives which are needed by companies to attain shareholder needs.

    The Bank of Japan has previously attempted to revitalize the Japanese economy and put a stop to years of deflation by way of purchasing large amounts of assets, thereby flooding the economy with cash. This has mostly included corporate bonds, JGBs, and ETFs.
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    Default AUD/USD Fundamental Analysis: August 26 2016

    The Aussie and the US dollar hover to the range bound periods raised with 11 points at 0.7624. The quantitative measures indicated a low level but will experience a slight effect because of the grand news of Yellen on her Jackson Hole speech. The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group reported that AUD strengthened which influence the economic growth while exports from the region like coal and iron ore are consistent to have the largest volume of supply among countries all over the world.

    Subsequent to the unsatisfactory rate of the AUD yesterday due to a lower-than-expected results of the infrastructures, Australian dollar still gained positively.

    Australian reports have noted the statement from one of the largest government owned company of the continent, QIC Global Liquid Strategies with the head of the pension managers, Ms. Katrina King said that at US 77 cents, AUD is seen to be overvalued by 10% evaluated by the RBA's newly-developed in-house economic modeling.

    While Mr. Roy Teo, an analyst from said that the ABN Amro Bank NV ended their recommendations during the closing of the third quarter since they perceived that the AUD will be bearish with a target price of 72 cents. Reports from Bloomberg issued a forecast from the RBA about the ease of movement on November and expecting the AUD to finished with 74 cents on year end.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for GBP/USD: August 30, 2016

    The GBP/USD pair decreased by 38 points as the dollar continued to surge after the statement release by the Federal Reserve last Friday. The GBP rallied by 0.5%, hitting its highest in three weeks at 1.3264 following Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s speech at Wyoming. The GBP decreased but is still above $1.31. Prior to the Fed statement, the GBP has been experiencing an increase after data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the UK had a 0.6% economic growth for the second quarter.

    Investors are expecting low volatility for the UK market, as the market is closed on Monday due to the Summer Bank holiday. The August survey for UK’s construction and manufacturing data are expected to recover slightly after a massive downgrade in July, which can reduce the possibility of the country going into a recession next year. Investors and speculators are also confident that the UK economy will be revitalized after the Brexit referendum.

    The UK will also be releasing its plans this week regarding its objective to retain its single market access on a per sector basis.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for AUD/USD: August 31, 2016

    The AUD/USD pair went up by a few trading points but had limited gains as the US Dollar continued to increase its value. The release of the housing data yesterday caused building permits to go above as expected. In July 2016, the volume of approved houses went up by 0.2%, necclinching an eight-month steady increase, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    In the area of New South Wales and Victoria, the total number of approved houses surged in July by up to 2.4% but has seen a drop in the area of Queensland, Tasmania, and Australian Capital Territory. The AUD is presently trading at 0.7571, a drop from its previous weekly high. Meanwhile the USD is steadily increasing after the Fed statement in Wyoming.

    After the non-farm payrolls data were released last Friday, the USD index rallied as the market adjusts into a steady holding pattern.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for USD/JPY: September 1, 2016

    The USD went up slightly higher than the JPY during Wednesday’s session as investors are waiting for the latest updates on the economic status of the United States. The USD/JPY pair is currently trading at 103.259 points, going up by +0.30% or 0.304. Volatility and volume levels were on a below average level since majority of the currency players in the market are staying on the sidelines prior to the release of the US Non-Farm Payrolls report on Friday, which will be determining the frequency and timing of the oncoming Fed rate increases.

    Tuesday’s trading session saw an increase in the USD/JPY pair, after the consumer confidence report in August showed an increase at 101.1, its highest in a year. However, newfound concerns regarding the overall state of the Japanese economy arose as the release of industrial production figures for Japan surprised economists who were expecting two consecutive monthly gains, insinuating the possibility that the Japanese economy might be failing to sustain its progress for the third quarter.

    Traders and investors are now waiting for the US ADP Non-Farm Employment Change Report, which is expected to show an increase in jobs offered by the private sector. A below average data could further weaken the USD/JPY, but the onset of the release of the Non-Farm Payrolls Report on Friday might help in alleviating possible losses.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for EUR/USD: September 2, 2016

    The EUR/USD pair went down by 6 points today as the unemployment rates in the European Union went up and the USD continued to strengthen. The PMI data for the eurozone also came out lower than expected at 51.7 points. The EUR is currently trading at 1.1151, indicating that the pair is currently at the bottom rung of its trading range.

    The US jobs data showed an additional 177,000 jobs in the private sector last month, with a significant number of firms and industries adding up their payrolls. On the other hand, last week’s Fed statement are hinting at a possible interest rate hike in September, and if the payroll data comes out stronger than expected, investors should expect an increased volatility in the market.

    During the past five years, the August data for US Non-Farm Payrolls has always been erratic, and it is expected to miss again for this period. Traders are then warned of sudden price moves among all asset classes due to the said positions, regardless of whether the data comes out as positive or negative.
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    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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