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Thread: Fundamental Trader DailyFX CSV MQL4

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    Default Fundamental Trader DailyFX CSV MQL4

    Here is an excellent expert advisor to trade news.

    It does everything, it downloads the news on dailyFX through a csv file, then it decides the lot for the specific news and it enters orders. There is no need of human intervention here. This expert is completely automatical. This is the first EA of this kind concerning news trading.

    More informations :

    Fundamental Trader DailyFX CSV MQL4 - MQL4 Code Base

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    Default Thanhfx Vietnam

    Thanks your post

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    Hello there. Thank you for the informative post. I must say this is a great share. Is this different from other automated trading software? I am still searching high and low to get a good one. No need to be perfect, as long as it has all the requirements I need. Doesn’t this software take up a bit of the unnecessary risk? Reading and interpreting signals from an article is amazing, but could the software misinterpret?

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    I tried setting up the indicator that is required before setting up this EA, but I get these error messages when I try to compile "lasttimedownloading - variable not defined" and "max - variable not defined" can anyone who has successfully set this EA up offer some advice on how to fix this? I cannot find the file "kernel32.dll" in the files folder, could that be the reason for getting these errors? Thanks.

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