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    what broker are using to trade news my friend

    fxopen , liteforex and many others have failed me

    please could you refer me

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    in general you can make huge profits on good and bad news!

    copied from above link:

    news trading is really easy with 10(0) lots and more, better 1000 or more

    eur/usd spread 2

    1x buy sl 8 tp 50
    1x sell sl 8 tp 50

    breakeven at 12 on booth
    ts 15 pipstep 5

    market is buying and grows 25pips
    sell (loss) -8 - 2 = -10
    buy result1: we reach breakeven (12) but not ts 15 sum = -8 -2 -2 +12= NULL
    buy result2: we reach first ts (15), but not next pipstep (20) = -8-2-2+15=+3pips
    buy result3: we reach first ts + pipstep (ts20) = -8-2-2+20=+8pips
    buy result4: we reach second ts + pipstep (ts25) = -8-2-2+25=13pips

    buy2=30 /x 10 lot=300/x 100lot=3000
    buy3=80 /x 10 lot=800/x 100lot=8000
    buy4=130 /x 10 lot=1300/x 100lot=130000

    the change to hit booth buy and sell stops (trades closed) and no breakeven, is during news very very rarely. RR ratio =3:1

    the most important is to have realtime news, like bloomberg or reuters, news trading can not accept any delays!

    if you a risky trader you can set an OCO (onecancelsother) trade 15 pips away via buy_stop and sell_stop (tp 12 to breakeven) from your first entry

    suggested broker: oanda - trade with minimum lot size first to master this strategy

    my 2cents

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    In this market you can find so many EA, but You have a huge selection of Forex robots to choose from, but to find out how to chose the best Forex robot for you, you will need to scrutinize the market by putting forth some effort to find the best choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Hi Vigilanti,

    I don't know yet how to import external data. Maybe another coder will help.
    There must be a option for data import. You must search again in the manu.

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    Very good, I want a closer look.Good!

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