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    please, you can add GMT offset, maxtradeperbar, distance trade, pending order true / false, entry instantly buy if NFP is better than expected; entry sell instantly if NFP is worse than expected, event filter because there in the unemployment rate that is published there was even time. for example: if the first Friday of the month at 12:30 GMT, the NFP is better than expected and that the us unemployment rate is better than expected then it will necessarily have a volatility to rise up generated more than 500 pip without the price parte in the opposite direction. (Buy order with 0.10 lot, TP: 500 pip TS: 300 pip SL 150 pip maxtradeperbar: 100, distance per trade: 0 pip.) The open farm to farm. calculation: 1 buy order 0.10 lot X 500 pip = $ 50; $ 50 x 100 buy ( 0, 10) = $ 5,000 .in 5 or 10 minutes of volatility. Note: 5 digit broker for Example
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