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Thread: Daily market update

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    The Pound rose against the Dollar after PPI Output came out 0.30% as expected. Next resistance on the daily chart is at 1.5900 on 13th Dec 2010 . If the rate breaks above this a long position is preferred; if down, the pair could decline to 1.5600. Overall, GBP/USD traded with a low of 1.5747 and a high of 1.5862. Today, PPI Input is expected at 0.50% vs. 2.10% previously.

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    Default 13.12.10

    The Eur/Usd breaks the resistance and recovers today by fixing positions near 1.3300 high.

    The oil is trading on expectations that the demand for oil will rise. Today the oil price exceeded $89 level.

    The Usd/Jpy could not manage to gain over the high of 84.40 and dropped below 84.00.

    The Gbp/Usd this morning bounced at its session's low at 1.5726, and then it was a support level for the pair and a little recovery. But the downtrend risk is still strong for the pair.

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    The Yen fell against the Dollar for a second day. As long as the USD/JPY is trading above 83.00 levels a long position is preferred. Next resistance level is at 84.40. Overall, USD/JPY traded with a low of 82.84 and a high of 84.82.

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    The euro trimmed gains against the U.S. dollar on Thursday, after Spain was forced to pay sharply higher yields than before to sell EUR2.4 billion of government debt. EUR/USD hit 1.3265 during European morning trade, the daily high; the pair subsequently consolidated at 1.3220, gaining 0.15%. The pair was likely to find short-term support at 1.3164, the low of December 9 and resistance at 1.3381, Wednesday’s high.

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    EUR/USD - 16 Dec 2010 -The dollar gained versus the Yen for the second day in a row as the pair once again approached the critical resistance level at 88.4. Breaching this will take the pair above the 85 zone otherwise it will fall back to 83 areas. Overall, USD/JPY traded with a low of 83.58 and a high of 84.49.

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    The EUR/USD still follows downside. The pair is under bearish pressure because of the European debts situation and conflict in Korea.

    The USD/JPY reaches a new daily low level at 83.64. And before the new session opening the pair remains to trade in downward.

    The GBP consolidated across the trading sessions today but after lost some of gains. Just before the US session opening the GBP/USD is trading next to 1.5550.

    The demand of oils has been supported by a dangerous situation with weather in USA and Europe. Today in the morning the oil contracts were traded at $89.20 per a barrel.

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    The Eur/Usd started this trading day by reaching low levels below 1.3100 area. If the pair continues to drop the next support lies at 1.3055, if the pair bounces and rises the next resistance is at 1.3150.

    The Euro loses positions against the JPY because of still uncertain situation with European countries debts.

    The USD/JPY is lower today. The USD lost gains against the JPY and reaches new lows. The pair is trading below 83.00.

    The GBP/USD is approaching new session lows below the level of 1.5400.

    The demand for oil rises and the prices return above $90. At this point the price finished yesterday's trading.

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    The Dollar fluctuated mix across against the major currencies today. The ISM Manufacturing Index came out 57.00 worse than expected 57.30. The Stock Markets in U.S. closed positive, as the Dow Jones rose by 0.81% and the NASDAQ strengthen by 1.46%. The Crude Oil strengthen by 1.54$ and closed at 91.38$ a barrel. The Gold (XAU) rose by 15.5$ and closed at 1421.4$ an ounce. Today, the FOMC Meeting Minutes is expected.

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    Default 11.01.11

    The Eur/Usd is consolidating little by little and approaching a new high level around the area of 1.2950.
    Gold together with main metals were supported by positive Euro movements today. Based on Euro recovery the principal metals turn to its upside. The interest for safe-haven assets is still very high.
    Because of the weak US dollar, the oil contacts were higher today.
    At the beginning of the day USD/JPY was up and first demonstrated stable rising but then dropped below its support level at 83.00.
    The GBP/USD turned to upward today regaining after Monday's losses and reaching a new high level. Currently the pair is trading next to 1.5570 area.

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    The Euro started this week at lower points as it was during the last week. The Euro dropped against the principal currencies. The Eur/Usd fell below 1.3320. Currently the pair consolidated after today's losses and is trading above 1.3300.

    Due to European countries fears and uncertain situation, the gold was lower today in the morning. This trend has been fixed before the summit of Eurozone Ministers.

    The GBP/USD skyrockets and reaches new high next to 1.5930. After a while during the day, the pair bounced and currently is quoted near 1.5905.

    Today the USD/JPY demonstrates downside and fixing its positions below 83.00 by reaching los session levels.

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