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Thread: Daily market update

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    Itís the second day when YEN becomes stronger against EUR and USD.

    The data regarding US economic growth will be published on Friday and this event is considered as a one more proof of economic deceleration.

    For the pair EUR/USD the level of 1.3000 is a psychological area.

    GBP/USD tries to continue increasing, in the morning this pair reached the new high.

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    With regards to the data of Centre for Economic Policy Research and the Central Bank of Italy, the indicator EuroCoin in July fell from 0.46 to 0.40. The indicator is decreasing 4 months running. And it testifies deceleration of the economic growth rate.

    Parliament of Italy approved assigning a sum of $ 440 billion and 575 billion euros on creation of the Support Fund for the countries with high national debt.

    The prices of OIL and oil products grew against USD. The USD weakness is pushing up the Oil prices.

    EUR/USD dropped today because of markets feverishness.

    USD/YEN decreases due to unfavorable situation on Asian markets.
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    Default 03.08.10

    EURO continues up;
    1.3150 against USD.

    USD loses against
    most currencies.

    Fires in Russia give boost
    to agricultural commodities.

    Crude oil jumps 5 %
    and reaches USD 53,50.

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    Yen reaches highest level
    towards USD in 15 years

    EURO stabilizes on 1,3150
    against USD.

    GBP continues up.
    Oil stays above USD 82

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    Yen reaches new records
    against USD.

    EURO/USD stabilizes
    around 1.32.

    Wheat prices jump on
    Russian heat crisis.

    Oil stays on USD 82

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    Weak employment numbers
    leads to continued USD weakness.

    Strong YEN hit by slower
    Japanese export in July

    Oil steady abover USD 80;
    Gold and silver increase

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    USD and Yen strengthen
    on speculation of
    slower economic recovery

    Strong Chinese export and
    import figures for July

    Oil stable on 80 - 81.
    Gold stays on 1200

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    US Federal Reserve
    confirms economic slowdown.

    New fears for double dip
    recession hit markets

    Oil below USD 80.
    Yen reaches new highs

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    EURO falls 2 %
    towards USD

    Oil prices fall on
    weaker US growth

    New turmoil and
    market uncertainties

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    Yen looses from
    15 years high

    Export concerns
    lead to strong
    political pressure

    Gold climbs as
    market volatility

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