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Thread: Daily market update

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    China overtakes Japan
    as second biggest
    world economy

    Euro slightly up
    against USD - 1.28.

    Gold continues to
    climb reaches 1220

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    China reduces US-
    treasury exposure

    Leads to weaker USD:
    Euro and Yen strengthened

    Gold back as "safe" haven
    reaches USD 1223

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    Default USD weakened many other major Forex Currencies (17th Aug 2010)

    USD weakened against many other major Forex currencies amid worries over the strong point of the U.S. recovery. Many more concern came just after a flood of mixed economic data of U.S., such as sales and orders of manufacturers at New York that cut in August for the 1st time in more than a year. NASDAQ climbed by 0.39% and Dow Jones dropped down by 0.01%. Crude oil dropped down by 0.2%, and closing at $75.20 a barrel. Gold (XAU) went up by 0.8%, closing at $1226.20 an ounce.

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    YEN continues to
    demonstrate strength

    USD strengthened
    towards EURO and GBP

    Gold at six weeks high.
    Oil at $ 75 - 76 level

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    Default US Dollar (18th Aug 2010)

    The US Dollar was mixed vs. other major forex currencies after optimistic U.S. economic data which really support the idea of a getting better economy, succeeded to maintain the equity market as well as commodities. Dow Jones and NASDAQ climbed by 1.01% and 1.26% respectively, Gold (XAU) increased by 0.2%, crude oil improved by 0.7% and closing at 75.7 USD a barrel, closing at 1228.3 USD an ounce.

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    Concerns on European slow
    down weakens EURO

    Speculation on Central Bank
    intervention for weaker YEN

    Gold stays on 1225
    Oil stabilizes on USD 75 - 76

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    Uncertainties continue to
    dominate currency markets

    Commodities hit by
    slowing economy

    Gold seen as safe
    haven reaches $ 1232

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    The British government plans on reducing their expenses expose to danger GBP exchange rate.

    Analysts of exchange market have a pessimistic mood regarding GBP.

    USD/JPY fell to 84.20 because of Japanese speculators who organize the massive selling of the pair.

    EUR/USD falls back from the August’s high and reaches the 6-week low (1.2605).

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    Stock markets plunge
    on US housing datas

    Oil prices down to
    USD 71

    Gold and USD again
    seen as "safe" havens

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    Nervous markets fear
    double dip recession

    EURO/USD stabilizes
    on 1,27

    Gold and silver

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