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Thread: Daily market update

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    USD Dollar (USD) – The Dollar gained against most major currencies as speculation economic growth will slow in the European zone, supported safety assets like the Dollar and the Yen. NASDAQ and Dow Jones weakened by 1.11% and 1.03% respectively , crude oil weakened by 0.36%, closing at 73.8$ a barrel, Gold (XAU) declined by 0.22% ,closing at 1256.8$ an ounce. Today, Beige Book.

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    Week is starting with markets soaring in Asia.

    Today the Euro increased according to the positive China’s data. It was good news because as everybody can see the Euro is following the down trend against the USD during the whole year.

    Oil prices increase on weaker USD and strengthening Euro.

    Gold declines from peak to USD 1246.

    The Chinese Yuan exchange rate against the USD has reached the maximum level of modern times.

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    The Japanese currency hits again a new high against the dollar. Today has been registered the lowest USD level (83.05) against the Yen since 1995.
    The US retail sales figures in August increased: July’s indicator was equal to 0.3% and now it reached 0.4%.
    At the beginning of the European session EUR/GBP fell around 50 pips and the positive US retail sales data held the pair on its lows.
    Today during the European session the crude oil contracts traded above 77 USD.

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    The USD went up to 85 YEN after receiving the news about the Japanese government intervention. The sum of this intervention isn’t established and investors expect amounts of 200-300 billion Yen.

    The Oil prices decreased in the morning because of the strengthened dollar.

    The Gold quotes below the fresh high level which has been reached on Tuesday.

    Today the employment data were published in UK; these figures indicated the fact that jobless claims increased in August in spite of expectations.

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    The YEN recovers after the Central Bank intervention. Today the Bank of Japan continues to weaken the yen by adding 1 trillion yen more to the market.
    After the government’s intervention stock markets in Asia went down because all investors were waiting for the next intervention.

    The gold reaches all time high and today its area is USD 1272

    The USD regains losses against EURO/GBP.

    EUR/USD has hit the next high level and confirmed its uptrend again.

    The oil prices are moving gradually in the direction of the level $75.

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    Canadian dollar (CAD) – The Canadian Dollar a bit rose versus the Dollar after weaker than forecast manufacturing data in the U.S. and Canada renewed concerns about the economy and the nation’s largest trading partner. As long the USD/CAD below 1.0400 levels a short position is preferred and the momentum is strongly bearish, the next support on the daily chart is 1.0200. Overall, USD/CAD traded with a low of 1.0251 and with a high of 1.0320. No economic data expected today.

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    Today during the Asian session the USD was down against its principal competitors.

    The general situation on markets remains same because of the first Japanese Bank intervention. And it will not be changed while all traders are waiting for the next intervention.

    The US Secretary Geithner criticizes China and claims higher Yuan.

    Currency turbulence continues while US-China trade war lurks.

    Gold and silver skyrocket: Euro/USD reaches 1.31.

    The oil stays on $75: before the European session hours the crude oil contracts traded on higher level than usually.

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    Daily Forex Market Updates (20/09/2010)

    EUR/USD – Last: 1.3071
    Resistance – 1.3159
    Support – 1.3031, 1.2959 and 1.2829

    GBP/USD - Last: 1.5664
    Resistance – 1.5729
    Support – 1.5729, 1.5460

    USD/JPY-Last: 85.71
    Resistance – 85.93
    Support – 85.64, 85.22

    USD/CAD - Last: 1.0312
    Resistance – 1.0347
    Support – 1.0309, 1.0251 and 1.0216

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    Default USD Dollar (USD) (20/09/2010)

    USD Dollar (USD)

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    The US stocks dropped today because of the weak employment figures which confirm that US job market is not in a good condition. The number of claims for unemployment benefits increased.

    Today the Oil prices are lower than yesterday. And this decrease depends on the weak euro which fell after the data of purchasing managers indexes have been released.

    Regardless of negative unemployment figures in US, the GBP/USD is still under 1.5700.

    Jean-Claude Trichet mentions that European Central Bank is ready to take all necessary and unconventional measures in order to avoid the double dip recession.

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