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    Japan Resident Sold Net Y289.4 Billion In Foreign Stocks Last Week

    Japanese investors sold a net 289.4 billion yen in foreign stocks in the week ended September 15, the Ministry of Finance said on Friday.

    Japanese residents also purchased a net 64.4 billion yen in bonds and notes last week.

    Foreign investors bought a net 60.4 billion in Japanese stocks last week, the data showed, and they also purchased a net 521.7 billion yen in Japanese bonds and notes.

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    U.S. Dollar Spikes Up Against European Majors

    U.S. Dollar Spikes Up Against European Majors

    The U.S. dollar firmed against its European major counterparts during the early Asian session on Monday.

    The greenback is trading at 0.9362 versus the franc, its highest level since September 13.

    The greenback also approached 4-day highs of 1.2936 against the euro and 1.6207 against its British unit.

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    greenback is trading at 0.9362 versus the franc, its highest level since September 13.

    The greenback also approached 4-day highs of 1.2936 against the euro and 1.6207 against its British unit.

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    Yen Mixed Versus Majors After Japan's Corporate Service Price Report

    The Japanese yen showed mixed trading against major opponent after the releasing of Japan's corporate service price report for the month of August in early Asian deals on Tuesday. The yen held steady against the dollar, while edged down versus the major European currencies.

    As of now, the yen is trading near 77.88 against the US dollar, 100.80 versus the euro, 83.34 against the Swiss franc and 126.40 versus the poundnit.

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    New Zealand Trade Shortfall NZ$789 Million In August

    New Zealand posted a seasonally adjusted merchandise trade deficit of NZ$789 million in August, Statistics New Zealand said on Wednesday - representing 24 percent of exports.

    The headline figure was well shy of forecasts for a shortfall of NZ$630 million after posting an upwardly surplus of NZ$97 million in July. This compares with a deficit of $690 million (20 percent of exports) in August 2011.

    Exports were down 3.4 percent on year to NZ$3.32 billion - also missing expectations for NZ$3.55 billion after coming in at NZ$4.00 billion in the previous month.

    Mechanical machinery and equipment and crude oil had the largest decreases.

    The value of exports to Australia - New Zealand's largest export destination - fell $172 million (17 percent) in August 2012 compared with August 2011, Statistics New Zealand said. The fall was led by petroleum and products.

    "Lower exports to Australia contributed to the overall fall in export values," industry and labor statistics manager Neil Kelly said. "But an increase in exports to China, led by dairy products, partly offset the fall."

    Imports fell an annual 0.4 percent to NZ$4.10 billion, in line with forecasts after showing NZ$3.99 billion a month earlier.

    Seasonally adjusted exports fell 8.0 percent compared with July 2012. There was a large fall in seasonally adjusted milk powder, butter, and cheese exports, which followed two large increases in June and July. Seasonally adjusted imports fell 1.3 percent.

    The trend for exports appears to have been increasing since March, while the trend for imports has been flat in recent months. The trend for imports is 6.0 percent lower than its record level in September 2008.

    Upon the release of the data, the New Zealand dollar edged down against major rivals, trading near 0.8200 against the U.S. dollar, 1.5742 versus the euro, 63.81 against the yen and 1.2659 versus the Australian dollar.

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    US Dollar Slips Against Majors

    The US dollar traded lower against major rivals during early Asian deals on Thursday.

    At 7:45 pm ET, the greenback dropped to 0.9389 against the Swiss franc, 1.6180 versus the British pound, 1.2887 against the euro, 0.8257 versus the NZ dollar, 77.70 against the yen and 1.0380 versus the Australian dollar from previous session's highs of 0.9419, 1.6140, 1.2840, 0.8187, 77.92 and 1.0331, respectively.

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    South Korea Has $4.31 Billion Current Account Surplus

    South Korea posted a seasonally adjusted current account surplus of $4.31 billion in August, the Bank of Korea said on Friday - down from the revised $4.42 billion in July (originally $4.38 billion) nut remaining in the black for the seventh consecutive month.

    On an unadjusted basis, South Korea saw a four-month low surplus of $2.36 billion, down from the upwardly revised record $6.14 billion in the previous month (originally $6.10 billion).

    The goods account surplus narrowed to $2.37 billion from $5.34 billion in July, primarily on a decline in exports, the bank said.

    The services account shifted to a deficit of $0.26 billion from its surplus of $0.59 billion in July due mostly to the increase in payments for the use of intellectual property rights.

    The primary income account surplus slightly widened from $0.40 billion in July to $0.44 billion, owing mainly to the decrease in dividend payments.

    The secondary income account saw a deficit of $0.19 billion. The financial account had a net outflow of $0.64 billion, down from $7.88 billion the previous month.

    Direct investment posted a net outflow of $1.61 billion, larger than $1.44 billion the previous month due to an increase in outward investment, the bank noted.

    Portfolio investment posted a net inflow of $0.58 billion, smaller than $2.53 billion in July, with the shift to a net outflow of foreign investors' debt securities investment being coupled with the increase as well in residents' foreign bond investments, the bank said - even though inflows of foreign investors' equity securities investment increased.

    Other investment switched to a net inflow of $1.43 billion from a net outflow of $7.63 billion in July owing mostly to domestic financial institutions' shift to a net withdrawal of loans.

    Reserve assets increased by $1.12 billion, while the capital account recorded a net inflow of $0.01 billion.

    Through the first eight months of the year, the current account surplus was $22.25 billion, already beating forecasts for $20 billion for all of 2012.

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    Japanese Yen Rises Against Franc And Pound

    The Japanese yen advanced against the Swiss franc and the pound in early Asian deals on Monday.

    The yen gained to 125.59 against the pound from Friday's close of 126.01. The next upside target level for the yen is seen at 125.00.

    Against the franc, the yen hit a 4-day high of 82.61 and the next resistance level for the yen is seen at 82.00.

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    Japan September Monetary Base +9.0% On Year

    The monetary base in Japan jumped 9.0 percent on year in September, the Bank of Japan said on Tuesday, standing at 124.326 trillion yen. That follows the 6.5 percent increase in August.

    Banknotes in circulation added an annual 2.3 percent, while coins in circulation collected 0.4 percent. Current account balances spiked 27.6 percent on year, including a 30.0 percent surge in reserve balances.

    The adjusted monetary base soared 45.4 percent on year to 123.991 trillion yen.

    For the third quarter of 2012, the monetary base jumped 8.0 percent on year.

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    NZ Dollar Declines Against Most Majors

    During the early Asian session on Wednesday, the New Zealand dollar fell against its most major currencies.

    The kiwi fell to a 2-day low of 64.45 against the yen, compared to yesterday's close of 64.71.

    The NZ currency also hit 1-week lows of 0.8236 against the greenback and 1.5679 against the euro.

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    Australia Building Approvals Up 6.4%

    Building approvals in Australia increased 6.4 percent month-on-month in August, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed Thursday.

    The number of approvals totaled 12,046 during the month on a seasonally adjusted basis. The number of private sector houses approved, meanwhile, declined 0.5 percent month-on-month to 7,314.

    Year-on-year, total building consents plunged 15.4 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis, the bureau said.

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