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    Yen Trades Lower Against Majors

    The Japanese yen weakened against other major currencies in the early Asian session on Friday.

    The yen declined to a 3-day low of 80.59 against the aussie, 2-week lows of 127.24 against the pound and 80.13 against the loonie.

    Against the franc and the euro, the yen hit more than 2-week lows of 84.47 and 102.30, respectively.

    The Japanese currency fell to 78.58 against the greenback, compared to yesterday's close of 78.49.

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    U.S. Dollar Advances Against Franc And Euro

    The U.S. dollar edged up against the Swiss franc and the euro in the Asian session on Monday.

    The greenback ticked up to 0.9324 against the franc and the greenback may test upside target level at 0.935.

    At 10:20 pm ET, the greenback gained to 1.3003 per euro with 1.295 seen as the next upside target level.

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    Japan Has Y454.7 Billion Current Account Surplus

    Japan posted a current account surplus of 454.7 billion yen in August, the Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday, up 4.2 percent on year.

    The headline figure beat forecasts for a surplus of 421.1 billion yen (down 3.7 percent) but declined from the surplus of 625.4 billion (-40.6 percent) yen in July.

    The trade balance reflected a deficit of 644.5 billion yen, down 6.6 percent on year. That missed forecasts for a shortfall of 628.6 billion yen after showing a 373.6 billion yen deficit in the previous month.

    Exports were down 5.3 percent on year to 4.844 trillion yen in August. That follows the 7.4 percent fall in July, which came in at 5.118 trillion yen.

    Imports dipped 5.4 percent on year to 5.488 trillion yen in the previous month, after posting an annual increase of 1.9 percent in July to 5.491 trillion yen.

    Goods and services saw a deficit of 867.0 billion yen in August after showing a shortfall of 719.7 billion yen a month earlier.

    The financial account saw a deficit of 1.090 trillion yen, while the capital account posted a shortfall of 56.7 billion yen.

    The adjusted current account showed a surplus of 722.3 billion yen, beating forecasts for a surplus of 520.0 billion yen after coming in at 335.4 billion yen a month earlier.

    Upon the release of the data, the Japanese yen showed little changes against major rivals, trading near 101.58 against the euro, 78.32 versus the U.S. dollar, 125.53 against the British pound and 83.95 versus the Swiss franc.

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    U.S. Dollar Rises Against European Majors

    The U.S. dollar advanced against its European major counterparts during Asian morning deals on Thursday.

    The buck that closed yesterday's deals at 0.9395 against the franc and 1.6008 against the pound rose to as high as 0.9421 and 1.5987, respectively.

    Against the European single currency, the greenback hit a 10-day high of 1.2827 and the dollar is likely to find next upside target level at 1.27.

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    Dollar At 4-day Low Against Pound

    The U.S. dollar slipped against the pound during the early Asian session on Friday.

    The greenback that closed yesterday's deals at 1.6047 against the British unit slipped to 1.6057, its lowest level since October 8. On the downside, the greenback is likely to target 1.61 level.

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    Euro Edges Down Against Australian Dollar

    The euro that pared early Asian session's gains against the Australian dollar declined further ahead of the European session on Monday.

    The euro slipped to 1.2621 against the aussie and the next downside target level for the euro-aussie pair is seen at 1.26.

    The pair ended Friday's deals at 1.2660.

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    Yen Falls Against U.S. Dollar

    The Japanese yen edged down against the American currency in early Asian deals on Tuesday.

    At about 9:20 pm ET, the yen slipped to 78.87 per dollar with 79.00 seen as the next downside target level. On Monday, the pair ended deals at 78.65.

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    Malaysian Ringgit Jumps To 12-day High Against US Dollar

    Extending its 6-day winning streak, the Malaysian ringgit touched a 12-day high of 3.0420 against the US dollar on Wednesday morning in Asia, up 0.30 percent from Tuesday's North American session closing value of 3.0516.

    The ringgit is poised to extend gains against the dollar and is moving closer to a key demand zone of 3.0335/80 level.

    If the domestic unit extends gains above this demand zone, it could be its strongest level since April this year.

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    Analysis: Usd/cad Daily Outlook

    USD/CAD retraced back from resistance level 0.9951 which is 38.2% retracement from 1.0439 to 0.9634.

    If it successfully breaks this resistance level and holds above it, USD/CAD may gather another rally toward 1.0000.

    Breaking this level would lead to another resistance from 1.0129 which is 61.8% retracement from 1.0439 to 0.9634.

    Below our current price it's the support level Oct. high 0.9884.

    Breaking this level would bring USD/CAD to another decline toward Oct. low 0.9729.

    The next support is this year's lowest price 0.9634.

    S1: 0.9884 Oct. high
    S2: 0.9729 Oct. low
    S3: 0.9634 2012 low
    R1: 1.0000
    R2: 1.0129 61.8% retracement from 1.0439 to 0.9634

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    Analysis: Aud/usd Daily Outlook

    AUD/USD hasn't done much since our prior update, and downside may face strong support at 3 months low 1.0147.

    The next key support level is 1.0000. On the other side, the first resistance stays at 1.0327 which is 38.2% retracement from 1.0622 to 1.0147.

    If it breaks this resistance level, AUD/USD may turn bullish and the next resistance is Oct. high 1.0410.

    Breaking this level would lead to another resistance from 7 months high 1.0622

    S1: 1.0147 3 months low

    S2: 1.0000

    S3: 0.9577 Yearly low

    R1: 1.0327 38.2% retracement from 1.0622 to 1.0147

    R2: 1.0410 Oct high

    R3: 1.0622 7 months high

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