Try your chance to win $ 200 and enjoy just by free of charge enrollment in pipesafe. pipesafe offer his best deal to the people who, interested to open an account through our website .Usually on a weekly basis on internal Contest randomly prizes will be pay to the Winners.

Competition conditions:

Usually, each week a Forex related Question will appear In your cabin and the correct answer will be One of the four options. Those who have chosen the correct option at the end of the week.

Remarkable note:

1. Weekly financial plan For match estimated between 200 to 500 USD each week there will be 21 winners.

2. All winners will be awarded with 20 points.

3. It is possible that, the competition is not conduct In two weeks of Month.

4. Customers can participate in competition which have approved Forex account in the pipsafe or have uploaded and approved their residential and identity documents.

5. Our clients who stayed with us for many months are more likely to win. This means that our loyal customers have more chances to win. for instance, a person who is six or more months is pipsafe his/her chance ratio are several times higher than normal person to win.

6. The draw will be done fully automatically with software and there is no style in choosing the winners.Every week the competitions result will be on display in the site.

Forex Contest