What we know about Alpha Centauri
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Thread: What we know about Alpha Centauri

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    Default What we know about Alpha Centauri

    Alpha Centauri is the nearest star system of our sun.

    This star system is between 4,85 and 6,8 billions years old. Its weight is 2,130 sun weight. The distance between the sun and this star is 4,37 light years (39 trillions km or 26 trillions miles).

    Its system has at least 2 planets and three star, Alpha Centauri A & B (double star), and Proxima Centauri which is just as big as Jupiter.

    The two planets have a revolution period of only 3 and 20 days.

    Alpha (Left), Beta (Right), and Proxima Centauri (red circle).

    Alpha Centauri is quoted in several science fiction :

    - Avatar, Pandora is a moon of one of its planets.
    - Transformers : Cybertron is one of its planets.
    - In the Foundation Cycle of Isaac Asimov.
    - Lost in space.
    - In the tv shows Ascension.

    Few days ago, the russian billionnaire Yuri Milner and the scientist Stephen Hawking stated that they wanted to send a rocket to this star, with the support of Mark Zuckerberg and with a new laser technology to boost its speed in order to diminush the travel to a duration of 20 years.

    The rocket would contain nanorobots to study the system, with also cameras of 2 megapixels.

    There are still a lot of unknown points to resolve.

    The rocket with the robots would cost 100 millions of dollars to elaborate and build. The power plant cost could be billions as the rocket would need a laser enough powerful to touch its receptor in deep space.
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What we know about Alpha Centauri