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Thread: definitely down

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    Default definitely down

    The owner of kickass (, the first pirate website (torrent links directory) has been arrested.

    The website was the 68th website of the world wide web, according to Alexa, with more than 50 millions of users per month, and a revenue of USD 15-22 million per year.

    The USA is waiting for his extradition from Ukraine in order to start the trial.

    He could get 20 years of jail.

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    But does he really got caught and how he operated it here, I know a little even about shady businesses in Ukraine and it doesn't sounds really good there. I simply not see anything how he could hide 15-20 millions per year here or somewhere else for that matter. It's really tough to operate something here and not get caught really after all that things, that's for sure There are very booming market in IT lately and somebody would already noticed all that, probably it's even the case with him

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