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Thread: The Pentagon wants supercomputers to fight hackers

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    Default The Pentagon wants supercomputers to fight hackers

    The Darpa is launching a challenge that will allow few people to get access to computers with 1000 processors and 16 terabits of memory in order to track hackers wherever they are on the planet. They will have to use their own software developed in open source.

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    So is it supercomputers or simply pack of people ? I still do not get it honestly ? Please correct me if I am wrong here. So what to do with all that ? After like 3 years of that testing who is the winner here anyway ? Any thoughts please. Do you like it that much for example. Basically all of this made up ? All from America and mainly California, Virginia, Pensylvania and New Yourk with maybe some from Georgia ? Are you kidding me ? Where is Chinese ?

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