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Thread: Pokemon GO only at 10% of its potential

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    Default Pokemon GO only at 10% of its potential

    According to Niantic, Pokemon GO is only at 10% of what it is supposed to be.

    The app has already 50 millions of users.

    Rare Pokémon will be added, the possibility to reproduce them, to be in a team, ...

    More :

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    Really ? And how it is now ? I do remember that app, I do remember all the scandals which was done with it's help anyway. I do not think that it's even worth my time anymore here. So many time have passed, like some really big time while it's also 3 years and that's really it. I think it's all was done for global spying for some secret territories with the help of some other not that intelligent people anyway. I am glad it's all done, thanks

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