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    Default Please help me someone

    Hi Everyone.

    I have a problem that i just can't understand. First i tought it was some error in the code but the same strange fenomena appears with every Expert i have.

    Since i first tought it was some error in the code i posted in the thread were the EA is availible.

    As you can see/read i get a, to say at least, different result from yesterday. The results today just drop to zero no matter what settings i use.
    So i tryed on my second computer. Same broker (Alpari UK)... Well, there it doesn't drop to zero but the results looks horrible.... up, down, up, down and ending with some little loss.

    So i go back to computer number one and try another EA i have, and have been using for quite a while now. This one i know the results to 100% and i loads the set file and starts a backtest. The result should be 24 513 USD accordingly to every other backtest i made before today. But today.... it drops to zero.

    I try 3 more Expert advisors, including the MACD Fractals that are availible here on TSF. Result: Drops to zero.... and i use the set file Mr. Funyoo have provided and the period is the same as he have.

    What can cause this error?

    I am desperat of help. Every EA i have drops to zero on backtest and i am really worried right now.

    Regards / JoLi

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    Default Backtest again. Number 1

    I made a backtest today as well.

    I made it on both my computers with the exact samt settings. But i have 2 very different result.

    If someone have had this problem or know why it is please help. I have even uninstalled my plattform, downloaded it again and installed. I did this on both my computers.
    I have erased in history (F2) and downloaded the data again. But nothing helps.

    Se below posts to see the strange difference.

    Regards / JoLi

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    Default Computer 1

    Made on my Computer number 1
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    Default Computer 2

    Made on my computer number 2
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    Default MACD Fractals

    The MACD Fractals from the thread:

    As you can see in the thread it's way over 900% profit. And i have had that result over and over again when backtesting before this weekend.

    Now take a look at my result. 90% model quality... exact same setting etc etc etc.... but the result: 177%

    Regards / JoLi
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