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    hi guys, I have a request about a very simple EA I need someone could code for me. It involves only 2 types of candlesticks, dojis and hammers. Once the EA has found either pattern it would then place a buy at the high and a sell at the low or high (waiting for the break out). trailing stop of 15 pips and a stop 3 pips below the wick. Also (here is where it gets tricky, and don't even know if its possible) if the stop loss has been activated for any reason the ea would then place the order again, only if there are 7 or less preceding candles.

    I really hope that makes a little bit of sense.

    I just want to run some tests, it doesn't look like it will make money
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    some ea are working only at certain period ,can i make ea to work 24 hours by making false time filters ?

    are let me know what adjustment should i make to work it properly

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HI all !