ADX EA with additional indicators
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Thread: ADX EA with additional indicators

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    Default ADX EA with additional indicators

    I believe it is not something new, but i was not able to find good ADX EA. All ADX was making transactions not regarding ADX signals.
    Hope such EA exist if not maybe would e good to have.
    I have one the way it should trade but i have small issue because system is starting trading and closing transaction at the same time (it is starting trading correctly when closing parameters are null, if exit parameters would work yhan nothin more i need).
    WHat idea is: it is combination babon slope with Slope Line plus ADX. WHen Slop and Babon has the same collor and Babon is above or below start trading (depend on color). Additionall ADX should give ur right time when we should trade with trend based on above. To be more flexible all ADX parameter should be used as variable means ADX, DI+ and DI-. It means i should be able to set value for open positions (open when ADX is crosing value and DI + or - is crosing) the same for close position.
    I attached EA which is extension of one existing somwhere on the other forum with my babon slope and ADX additional idea. Please have a look in to the code maybe you will have an idea what is wrong with logic for exist parameters.
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ADX EA with additional indicators