Laguerre RSI EA ( EMA Filter) need Coding help
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Thread: Laguerre RSI EA ( EMA Filter) need Coding help

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    Default Laguerre RSI EA ( EMA Filter) need Coding help

    HI ALL

    The EA Laguerre RSI EA (ema filter).mq4‎ attached coded by Mr Funyoo , I requested a little amendment in strategy of its opening and closing trade, but its looks like he is active for a long time. so I open request to any coder for help in coding. I am not coder at all.

    the amendments in coding I want is:

    1: This EA Open Buy Trade only when price move from bottom to up and cross level 15 or 25 .
    2: This EA Open sell Trade only when price move from top to down and cross level 85 or 75 .
    3:All trades must be closed my manually adjusted set SL or TP or TS . it don't close trade by any crossing.

    rest of features stay as it is.
    its only need little coding amendment . if number 3 option is confusing or time consuming then I request only to open trade method 1, 2 and delete any option of closing or exit trade by this EA.

    I,ll very great full for your time and replies.
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Laguerre RSI EA ( EMA Filter) need Coding help