Hi Funyoo,


I did PM u my request on 12-20-2017 with attached file on Microsoft Service "Onedrive Live Com".

My PM is as follow:

I search for EA from the Internet and found that the EA you provided this is my easiest to use with norm conditions.

I am new to Forex and MetaTrader and trying to figure out some basics run on Multi Pairs. I managed to incorporate and inputted run on Multi Pairs on your EA template, it works and running on Multi Pair perfectly.

The problem is which an EA running, the " Takeprofit & Stoploss " figures set as well as for the Signal Alerts do not work correctly, the prices of " Takeprofit & Stoploss " always catch on an EA which is an attached to a chart; assuming that have of EURUSD chart, the figures entered is EURUSD price? Regardless of the any Currency Pair entries?

I will be very much appreciating your kind help to look at the EA issues and help to correct it. Beside the said issues, can you also help look into the following expects input:

1. Change " UseHourTrade " into Hour with Minutes setting.

2. Add " Duplicate Entry Orders " Setting = Avoid Duplication Trades on pair order.

Your kind help is really appreciated.

Thank you