Hi evrybody,

I hope find here good spirits helping me to create my first EA, on MQL5.
The philosophie of this EA, one word, Simple, so hard for burning brain

Indicator using :
RSI (conf 2 periods), candlestick size, Volume (in option).

The squelette :

When the value of RSI reach r equal 50 points deviation on 2 periods close, this 2 periods must represent a switch of red/green green/red candle not green/green or red/red (important condition).

One trade is open,

stop loss positionning under or after the previous candle, if candle start price is higher or lower previous candle, choose thise level price,

take profit is equal of the distance between start signal price and the stop loss price (so we are an RatioRisk of 1),

Trailling stop is declenched when pass through the take profit level. ( trailling stop range is to determine, equal to candle size start for exemple ), it's the bonus.

LotSize equal at 0,1% of the capital.

Money management based on a sequence, a non agressive martingal, +1 profit at end of each sequence with a MaxDrawDown in % of the Capital, for exemple 10%.
Exemple :
lose 1lot -1
lose 1lot -2
lose 1lot -3
win 1lot -2
lose 3lot -5
win 1lot -4
win 5lot +1

One illustration