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Thread: GBPJPY Robot

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    Cool GBPJPY Robot

    I built an EA using a program called Iexpert Advisor, I have attached it for free.

    I have only backtested on GBPJPY and GBPUSD. I'm going to run on a demo account for now as I'm sure it could be improved, I'm not sure how it will run on other timeframes or pairs.

    I'm not expert myself, so please let me know if you like it or think its rubbish. Make sure you load the WAVE_GBPJPY_4ht.set file

    Time Frame: 4hour
    Pair GBPJPY

    Relative Vigor Index (RVI and RVI exit)
    Kijun Sen (Baseline) Ichimoku (9,26,52)
    Ichimoku Cloud (variables located in Expert settings, TenKan, Kijun, Span)
    Below EMA’s are used as a volatility filter
    EMA Fast (EMA_F )
    EMA_Slow (EMA_S) (used to calculate VOL_BUY and VOL_SELL)
    Fast and Slow EMA are a trend filter
    Fast EMA
    Slow EMA

    How the EA works

    I have used several filters to make this EA work, The first is a Fast EMA must be greater than a Slow EMA.
    Here is a list of conditions that need to be met for a long trade
    RVI Main greater than Signal
    Low of a 4 bar range lower than the baseline (Kijun Sen)
    Close of bar greater than Baseline
    VOL_BUY and VOL_SELL is the distance between EMA_F and EMA_S
    VOL_BUY greater than VOL_B (settings)
    Bar Close above the Ichimoku cloud (using different setting to the Baseline)
    Bar close greater than open
    If all the conditions are met then a buy trade should open, reverse logic for sell trades
    To exit a position the EA does use the stop loss and take profit but only as a backup.
    Now to close a trade the logic depends on if the trade is in profit or not.
    If trade is not in profit the EA waits for RVI main to be less than the RVI signal (RVI exit in settings)
    Open must be above the close, then trade would close for a loss
    If the trade is in profit it will first close 50% at PT1 in settings (Profit Take 1)
    The second part of the trade will close when a bar closes below the cloud.
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