Hello dear forumers,

I'm a new member in this platform and want some help to code a methedology in forex trading using the recovery zone trading concept, I wonder how to code an expert advisor based on simple trading rules with this concept, I would like to adopt an EA that work by opening pending orders in specific areas (yesterday high and yesterday low) for example and operats as follows

case 1 : the EA will place the pending orders at the opening of today's trading (0 hour ) without expiration dates.Buy stop at the high, stop loss at the low and the take profit at x pips from buystop/sellstop.

case 2 : if the price hits the one of the stops, the EA will place another pending order in the same area (high and low) with double lot.

case 3: if the price hits one of the take profit, end of the cycle, the EA will close the remaining pending order and wait until a new setup appear means until the new high and low.

I had many EAs based on this methodology and cannot find that suit my need, please help me coding this EA, thank you in advance.