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    This trading system alerts a buy trade when CCI crosses above +40 (user-defined) only if CCI has crossed below and then above the zero level previously and alerts to close a buy trade if: CCI reaches +100, then close trade when CCI crosses below +40 OR if CCI never reaches +100, then close trade when CCI crosses below 0.0.

    This trading system alerts to open a sell trade when CCI crosses below -40 (user-defined) only if the CCI has crossed above and then below the zero level previously and alerts to close a sell trade if: CCI reaches -100, then close trade when CCI crosses above -40 OR if CCI never reaches -100, then close trade when CCI crosses above 0.0.

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    {Error Control}

    Error_CCIPeriods:= Error(PrCCI=0,'Input Error: "CCI Periods" cannot equal zero!');
    Error_CCILevels:= Error(Level_Control>=Level_Extreme,'Input Error: "CCI Control Level" cannot be greater than or equal to "CCI Extreme Level"');

    {Commodity Channel Index}

    Diff:= PrcCCI - Mov(PrcCCI,PrCCI,S);
    AveDiff:= Mov(Abs(Diff),PrCCI,S);
    EquationComp:= Diff/AveDiff;
    AdjCon:= 66.66667;
    MS_CCI:= EquationComp * AdjCon;


    CCIndex:= If(FormulaChoice=0,MS_CCI,DL_CCI);

    {Commodity Channel Index Levels}

    Level_Zero:= 0;
    Level_Control_Up:= Level_Control;
    Level_Extreme_Up:= Level_Extreme;
    Level_Control_Down:= -Level_Control_Up;
    Level_Extreme_Down:= -Level_Extreme_Up;

    {Trend Direction}

    Trend_Up:= CCIndex > Level_Zero;
    Trend_Down:= CCIndex < Level_Zero;

    {Basic Long/Short Entry/Exit Conditions}

    _BarCount:= BarCount();

    LongEntryCond1:= CCIndex>Level_Control_Up;
    LongEntryCond2:= ValueWhen(1,CCIndex<Level_Zero,_BarCount) > ValueWhen(2,LongEntryCond1,_BarCount);
    LongEntrySetup:= LongEntryCond1 AND LongEntryCond2;

    LongExitSetup:= If(BarsSince(CCIndex>Level_Extreme_Up) <= BarsSince(LongEntrySetup),

    ShortEntryCond1:= CCIndex<Level_Control_Down;
    ShortEntryCond2:= ValueWhen(1,CCIndex>Level_Zero,_BarCount) > ValueWhen(2,ShortEntryCond1,_BarCount);
    ShortEntrySetup:= ShortEntryCond1 AND ShortEntryCond2;

    ShortExitSetup:= If(BarsSince(CCIndex<Level_Extreme_Down) <= BarsSince(ShortEntrySetup),

    {Long/Short Entry/Exit Display Signals}

    LongEntrySignal:= (LongTradeAlert=0 AND ShortTradeAlert=0 AND LongEntrySetup) OR
    (LongTradeAlert=0 AND ShortExitSetup AND LongEntrySetup);

    LongExitSignal:= LongTradeAlert=1 AND LongExitSetup;

    ShortEntrySignal:= (ShortTradeAlert=0 AND LongTradeAlert=0 AND ShortEntrySetup) OR
    (ShortTradeAlert=0 AND LongExitSetup AND ShortEntrySetup);

    ShortExitSignal:= ShortTradeAlert=1 AND ShortExitSetup;

    {Simulated Open Trade Determination and Trade Direction}

    LongTradeAlert:= SignalFlag(LongEntrySignal,LongExitSignal);
    ShortTradeAlert:= SignalFlag(ShortEntrySignal,ShortExitSignal);

    {Auto-Trading Functionality; Used in Auto-Trade Mode Only}

    OpenBuy:= LongEntrySignal AND (EventCount('OpenBuy') = EventCount('CloseBuy'));
    CloseBuy:= LongExitSignal AND (EventCount('OpenBuy') > EventCount('CloseBuy'));

    OpenSell:= ShortEntrySignal AND (EventCount('OpenSell') = EventCount('CloseSell'));
    CloseSell:= ShortExitSignal AND (EventCount('OpenSell') > EventCount('CloseSell'));

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamounforex View Post
    Thanks Mr. funnyoo for the fast answer and for the EA . you are really great.

    but as attached below i see the entery setting only contine buy above 40 and sell below -40. you did not put close below 40 and close above -40 . when the price goes above 40 level it should take buy and if goes again below 40 level it will close the buy . and the main idea in this EA and the EA in the VT trader is . when the price goes above 40 it will make buy and goes again below 40 will close the buy . and here is the magic. it will not make a sell order it will hold until it will goes under -40 to make sell because if it goes above 40 level and goes down below 40 here if it was in a big move it will make another buy when goes above 40 again . (here is the magic) reverse the system when close buy sell will take place and this is not good if you see in the charts i attached it make buy and take profit and make another buy as long as it goes under 40 level and goes again and again until it take downtrend.

    i hope my funnyoo with you great effort to take alot of care for this EA . beause i really do tried this ea alot of time and every time it makes alot of profit . but when same setting above.

    Here it is.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    that was the VTTRS code for CCI .

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    where it is

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    I got it

    Thanks alot funnyoo you are really great and i really do respect your help for all of us.

    I hope this EA will work as I need .

    all my regards and respect to you man

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    can you post set files for this EA? WHat currencies and what time frames are best?

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    use it on all currencies on 30m or 1 hour time frame. I prefer 30m

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    use the default setfile . I still did not try the new one i will start trying it from today and will post the results

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    ok.. let us know how you do. Back testing was not good.

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