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    The EA opened 4 trades at the same time while the max trade per bar is 1. strange! or do i miss anything?

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    Thanks for sharing.
    Results anyone?
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    just yesterday got the EA from Mr. funnyoo . and today the market is like closing . so from tomorrow i will start put the results .

    about the max trade actually i don't know why this happen as long as you are putting only 1 trade .

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    Sorry . i just looked to the EA properities. if you want to have only one trader you have top put the maximum lots to 1 only not only the maxtraderperbar

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    Quote Originally Posted by fxea View Post
    The EA opened 4 trades at the same time while the max trade per bar is 1. strange! or do i miss anything?

    This is how I fixed it.

    You might want to search for this code and change "MaxOrders" to a number. If you want just one trade, then put "1" (no quotes).

    //|---------open orders

    double SL,TP,SLH,TPH,SLP,TPP,OPP,ILots;
    int Ticket,TicketH,TicketP,Expire=0;
    /*if(Expiration>0)Expire=TimeCurrent()+(Expiration* 60)-5;*/

    if((CountOrders(OP_BUY,Magic)+CountOrders(OP_SELL, Magic))<MaxOrders)



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    yes i miss to change the maxorders. Other than that, the forward testing results are quite disappointing.

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    Default loss.loss and loss.........

    only losses, not earnings.
    on all the cross is the same thing.
    Never closes a position gain.
    Have a settig?
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    yeah.. someone needs to optimise this EA. I can see some potential but i cannot use it as it is.


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    any updates on this EA? I have mostly losses on demo

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    I have ALL losses with this EA using the default settings (30M) on IBFX.

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